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TKU, MCU, and CLUT Collaborate to Promote North Coast Placemaking

3 USR project teams, TKU Farmer (農情食課) of TKU, Gong Chuang Guang Ming Ding (共創光明頂) of Chinese Culture University (PCCU), and Stay and Create New Value of Green Tourism in Huwei (駐點滬尾共創綠色旅遊新價值) of Chihlee University of Technology (CLUT), co-hosted North Coast Cross University USR expo – Co-Create North Coast Seminar at Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Center on November 22-23, presenting the results of each projects and sharing related experience.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Hui-Huang Hsu appreciated TKU Farmer team for standing up to learn and assist in solving problems when the rural areas of Taiwan are facing low birth rate and massive exodus. He hopes the collaboration of the 3 teams to attract more faculty members and students to know about reginal placemaking and involve in it. Director of Shimen District Chun-Hung Lin thanked the teams for their contributions in reginal placemaking. Besides, he hopes the continuous cooperation to promote Shimen characteristics. Dean of Office of Student Affairs Shih-Jung Wu wishes the faculty members and students from each university to work jointly to truly support reginal placemaking and development, showing their resilience.

In addition to the introduction of the content and implementation outcomes of the 3 projects, the seminar also included a series of activities: presentation of short papers related to the research projects; sharing of local cases of districts of Tamsui, Sanzhi, Jinshan, and Shulin, as well as of student-involved projects; discussion of “Agri-food Education-College Literacy”, “ Reginal Placemaking-Urban-rural Relations”, “Agricultural Tours-Backflow of Population”, and “Young Farmers Entrepreneurship”. the 3 universities also signed Cross University North Coast USR MOU, aiming at implementing projects more efficiently and bringing more profits to reginal placemaking through mutual support and information exchanges.

SDGs: #SDG4 Quality Education #SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities #SDG17 Partnerships for the Goals

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