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University Expo: TKU Faculty and Students Warmly Welcome You to Join

On February 25th and 26th, the Center for Admission Strategy participated in the '2023 University and Technical and Vocational College Multi-Admissions Expo' held simultaneously on the 1st floor of the NTU Sports Center in Taipei City, the International Exhibition Hall in Taichung City, and the 10th floor of the New Kaohsiung Shih Kong Mitsukoshi Kaohsiung Zuoying. The expo attracted many high school students, teachers, and parents to visit and learn about university-related information, as well as to consult about further studies.

TKU Center for Admission Strategies planned its booth and collaborated with teachers and students from each department to introduce Tamkang’s environment, department characteristics, future development, and how to prepare application materials to high school students, teachers, and parents who came to the exhibition. Additionally, the school provided consultations, answers, and suggestions tailored to individual needs. On that day, the school mascot, "Prince Egg Roll," was also present to promote and attract a lot of attention. Over the two-day event, the crowd of people who came to the school booth for information and consultations continued to grow. Sometimes, the consultation area was even crowded and conversations had to take place in the hallway. Most of the students and parents received satisfactory answers, and some even invited teachers and senior students to take photos together, fully demonstrating their recognition and admiration for the school.

Assistant Professor Chung-Hung Hsieh of the Department of Chemistry stated that nowadays, students have a general understanding of the departments they want to study in. Through the university expo, they can learn more about the differences between related departments. Additionally, in terms of information about further studies, high schools cannot provide enough detailed information, which can be supplemented at university fairs. "It also allows students to have the opportunity to directly meet the teachers, understand their teaching methods and styles," said the performer of Tamkang mascot, Chang Chia-Jung from the Graduate Institute of Management Sciences, who shared that this was his first time participating in a university expo. He was moved to see faculty members, staff and students working together to recruit students. "Although the props are heavy and stuffy, I feel it is very worthwhile to contribute to Tamkang in any way I can. I am particularly grateful for Tamkang's cultivation in recent years, and I hope to have the opportunity to help out again in the future."

A student from Nanshan High School shared that he came to inquire about Department of Aerospace Engineering because he wanted to become a pilot. After the explanation, he has confirmed that Tamkang University is his first choice because "Tamkang has many resources and special laboratory classes!" A student from Lanyang Girls' High School believes that Tamkang University has rich learning resources and a wide range of career opportunities, and is considering choosing the Department of Electrical Computer Engineering of Tamkang. Another student who wants to study in the Department of Educational Technology of Tamkang pointed out that the department Chair answered their interview questions in detail and provided many directions for preparation, and the future employment prospects after graduation are also very diverse. Mrs. Guo, a parent of a student, said that there are currently many fancy names for majors that make it difficult to tell their content, "Tamkang has no problem in this regard, so I brought my child to understand it specifically, hoping that he can successfully study in the department he is interested in and have help in future employment."

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