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President Keh Reiterated the 3 Major Focal Points for the Development of TKU at the 189th Administrative Meeting

The 189th Administrative Meeting was held on March 3 at the Ching Sheng International Conference Hall, presided over by President Huan-Chao Keh, with 3 vice presidents and first-level supervisors participating. The Taipei campus participated via synchronous video conference.

President Keh firstly emphasized that the current development focus of Tamkang is on “dual-track transformation”, “digital transformation”, and “sustainable development”. The planning of Higher Education SPROUT Project and school affairs development project should revolve around these key themes, complemented by unique features such as holistic education, and advantages such as the Center for European Union Studies. It is important to fully connect with the characteristics of each college and department, and create highlights through interdisciplinary collaborations. Secondly, he hopes that the supervisors can pay more attention to what is happening on campus. Relevant information can be obtained from the school website and “News and Events”. At the same time, he hopes that fundraising efforts will be made with care, and that alumni can be made to feel engaged through actively organizing events. Finally, each college and department are encouraged to identify suitable candidates for special appointment research lectures to enhance academic strength.

The special report was given by the Chief Administrative Officer of Lanyang Campus, Dr. Yu-Kuang Teng, with the topic of “Viewing the Surpassing Lanyang Campus from Track B”. He explained the current track-B transformation plan for Lanyang Campus, which includes the establishment of the College of Precision Healthcare, the setting up of affiliated institutions, and 3 activation programs of the campus space. By utilizing local advantages combined with elderly health management and smart care, and cooperating with relevant medical and long-term care institutions, they aim to create an international long-term care welfare industry making base. Dr. Chi-Wang Li, the head of the Net-zero Carbon Emissions Section of Center for Sustainable Development and Social Innovation, presented on the topic of “Promoting the Concept of Sustainable Campus Living Laboratory”. Firstly, he introduced the planning and progress of the carbon inventory and carbon neutrality path for the campus, as well as the goal of “10% green energy for Tamkang’s 80th anniversary”. Secondly, he explained the concept of promoting the sustainable campus living laboratory, hoping to achieve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly campus through the joint participation of faculty, staff, and students in real-world research focused on sustainability and social innovation.

At the meeting, 5 proposals were passed, among which the “TKU Regulations on the Increase of Retirement Benefits and Severance Pay for Employees” was adopted to accelerate the adjustment of human resources structure and improve the performance of academic development, while taking into account the interests of employees, and to establish a sound system for voluntary retirement and severance pay. The relevant details will continue to be studied.

Awards were presented before the meeting. Associate Professor Kuei-Shu Huang from the Office of Physical Education and military instructor, Lieutenant Colonel Chieh-Hsiung Wu from the Military Training Office served as auditors for the personal data management audit team for the 2021 academic year at our school. They made great contributions, and thus, one medal was awarded to each of them as encouragement.

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