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Confucius Showed up during the Literature Week, while the Foreign Language Week Featured Performances of Various International Dances

Confucius, the "Sage Teacher," made an appearance in the opening ceremony of the Literature Week on May 9th. He engaged in a conversation with the host and the Department Chair of History, Shang-Wen Kao. Confucius said, "I've heard that the Chinese Literature and History departments often mention me. Children are worthy to be taught!" The College of Liberal Arts organized the 42nd Literature Week under the theme of "Interdisciplinarity and Sustainability: A New Era for the College of Liberal Arts." The event took place in the second-floor lobby of the Building of Liberal Arts and was expected to run until the end of May.

The College of Liberal Arts is screening a promotional video titled "The Fusion of Five Disciplines in Literature." Incorporating the achievements of "cross-disciplinary innovation", Mr. Tai-Chun Lin, staff of the college has even produced a virtual reality tour video. In the video, Confucius is invited to present the unique features of each department with vivid expressions and a gentle tone. Confucius said: "I just learned that the Department of History has developed the Huwei Banquet, and I'm also curious about the Department of Information and Library Science. I inquired about the absence of bamboo slips in such a large library. It's delightful to see students from the Department of Mass Communication caring about social issues and receiving awards for their internship programs and works. It truly embodies the core concept of 'benevolence' that I advocate every day. It brings me great joy. Back in the day, I traveled with my students to various countries, and now the Department of Information and Communication has excelled in international learning and competitions." The atmosphere at the event was lively and entertaining.

In his speech, Dr. Hui-Huang Hsu, Vice President for Academic Affairs, explained that the departments within the college are not independent of each other but interconnected. He encouraged students to embrace interdisciplinary learning. Dr. Shih-Jung Wu, Dean of Student Affairs, jokingly remarked that the College of Liberal Arts cultivates talents who embody both "literary" and "martial" aspects, which aligns perfectly with his surname "Wu," meaning "martial." Dr. Huei-Chun Chi, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, praised the departments for cultivating talents with diverse interests through interdisciplinary and sustainable themes. She expressed her expectation that students would contribute to the unique character of the College of Liberal Arts.

The opening ceremony of the "Intercontinental Culture Week," a collaborative event organized by the 6 departments of the College of Foreign Languages, was held on May 8th. The week-long event featured booth activities showcasing various languages. Dr. Wan-Bau Wu, Dean of the College of Foreign Languages, along with the chairs of the English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Russian departments, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Dr. Shih-Jung Wu, Dean of Student Affairs, also participated in the grand event.

The opening performance featured students from the 6 departments wearing traditional costumes from different countries, presenting dance performances. The performances included Scottish dance from the UK, cancan dance from France, Bavarian tap dance from Germany, a dance to a Japanese song, and the Russian dance from "The Nutcracker." As the highlight of the event, Antonio, an international exchange student from the Spanish department, performed a solo demonstration of the flamenco dance. The atmosphere at the venue was lively and enthusiastic. Dr. Wu expressed that this was the most special opening ceremony of the Foreign-Language Week he had attended in many years.

The theme of this Foreign-Language Week's booths is "cinema". An open-air movie theater was set up at the University Commons, and each department aligned their booth with this theme by selecting a movie for a "special screening." For example, the English department chose the famous classic film "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" as their representative, adding a unique touch to their booth. In addition to the movie screenings, each department also introduced a corresponding "special meal" based on the theme of their chosen film. For instance, the Japanese department offered ice cream sodas at their booth, which perfectly matched their featured movie "Summer Battle." The French department also sold traditional French snacks, including black tea au lait, savory and sweet croissants, and madeleines, which were quite appealing to visitors.

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