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【Special Issue】Admissions : Falling in Love with Tamkang University


In line with the admissions examinations, this report has specially released a special issue from the perspective of high school readers. It features articles written by current students of Tamkang University, sharing their feelings when they chose Tamkang and their experiences and insights gained over the years. We invite prospective students to join us in "Falling in Love with Tamkang."

Choosing Tamkang University opens up endless possibilities.

You-Lin Lin, a doctoral student of the Department of Chinese at Tamkang University, has received accolades such as the Lin Rong-San Literary Award, Takao Literature Award, Houshan Literature Award, and MOE Literary Creation Award. He has also received grants from the National Culture and Arts Foundation and the Ministry of Culture for young artists’ creative works. His works have been selected three times for the Best Taiwanese Poetry.

If I hadn't come to Tamkang, I wouldn't have started writing poetry.

I chose to study at Tamkang University when filling out my college applications in high school because Tamkang offers a comprehensive teacher education program. Whether you aspire to become an elementary, high school teacher, or even a Chinese teacher, Tamkang provides relevant courses to pursue. In my first year at Tamkang, I did have this goal in mind and applied for the education program. However, due to a twist of fate, I ended up taking a different path.

When I joined the Glimmer Modern Poetry Club, it was only in its 3rd year of establishment. It was a small literary club. Prior to high school, my exposure to modern poetry was limited to a few poems in textbooks, such as Zheng Chou-yu's "Mistake," Xi Murong's "A Blooming Tree," Xu Zhimo's "Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again," and so on. Thanks to the senior members of the poetry society, I got to know many poets I had never heard of before. After school every day, I would go to the library and borrow poetry collections that I had only heard the names of during the club meetings. I read them one by one, and even my first attempt at writing poetry was a result of misunderstanding that everyone had to submit a poem for a certain activity. It turned out that I was the only freshman who submitted one. It has been 10 years since that first poem, and I am still writing to this day.

Years later, I once again set foot on campus as a doctoral student. From the very beginning, I aspired to become a high school teacher. However, my life has taken a completely different path, balancing creation, academic research, and owning a bookstore. At each small turning point, I made different choices that led me to different futures. Now, looking back, I realize that those diverging crossroads were not merely coincidental forks in the road, but opportunities. These changes didn't materialize out of thin air; I only discovered them after arriving here. There isn't just one predetermined path.

I chose to come to Tamkang University, and Tamkang has shown me that there are various possibilities in the world.

Making friends in college and experiencing a more diverse range of learning.

Yun-Chia Peng, a senior student of Department of English, Honors Program, Cultural and Creative Industries Program, and Teacher Education Program. As a Tamkang Times newspaper journalist, she received the Excellent Journalist Award for the 2021 academic year. She is also a member of Public Relations Department of the TKU Student Association. As the Campus ambassador for Taiwan GPS (Global Partnership Program for Education), European Education Exhibition, and the Myanmar Chinese Education Service Group, she was responsible for establishing organizational image and promoting marketing activities.

I’d been dreaming of studying at a university in the Taipei area since I was young. looking back now, choosing Tamkang University was indeed the right decision. The campus is located in Tamsui, a pleasant place with a rich cultural and historical atmosphere. It is far away from the hustle and bustle, providing a serene environment. Yet, hopping on the MRT can quickly take you to the city center, allowing you to explore the most vibrant and lively places in Taiwan.

Tamkang University is a comprehensive university with a diverse faculty in various fields. There are numerous courses available for students to take. Students can also apply for double majors, minors, or professional programs to enhance their competitiveness. During my four years in university, one of my favorite things was opening the "Activity Registration System" on the school's homepage. I would browse through expert lectures and workshops organized by different departments and units throughout the campus, from workshops on "Dance Therapy for Stress Relief" to "Microsoft Online Courses" and various certification classes, whenever I saw something that interested me, I would immediately sign up, fearing missing out. Many activities and lectures offer micro-credits, which can be counted towards elective courses, and the certification classes provide direct guidance for exams.

As an avid reader, the school's renowned five-star library has an abundant collection of books, allowing me to immerse myself in a sea of words. Walking along the bustling campus, surrounded by students rushing to and from classes, it is no wonder that Tamkang University is among the top universities in terms of student population. It is through this environment that I have made many talented, interesting, and humorous friends. The campus often holds fairs and events, providing students with a broad stage to showcase their creativity and manage their clubs. In my sophomore year, I joined the Public Relations Department of the Student Association, where I managed social media accounts and co-organized events such as Rainbow Day, Christmas Week, and Music Festival. Before stepping out of the campus and entering society, it felt as if I had already gained a significant amount of professional experience.

It is worth mentioning that I joined the ranks of student reporters in Tamkang Times. Over the course of 3 years, I have written over 100 news articles. Prior to that, I had also experienced sitting on the sidelines. Gradually learning to take initiative and actively taking on tasks during interviews, I became responsible for my own reports and voiced the opinions of those I interviewed. I have become more willing to understand others and get closer to their hearts. While organizing my articles and logic, I realized that when writing about others, I was also reflecting on myself. Through these experiences and interactions, I have gained a better understanding of the kind of person I aspire to be!

Setting off from Tamsui, heading towards the world

Yu-Sen Fu, a recent graduate from the Department of International Business, participated in the Honors Program, also recognized as an outstanding youth at Tamkang university in 2022. He received the Outstanding Academic Performance Award from the Taiwan Alumni Association of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the National Excellence Award in the TBSA National Entrepreneurship Competition, the Second Prize in the Guocai Cup National English Public Speaking Competition (國才杯) held by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) in Mainland China, and the champion in the National Big Data Precision Marketing Cup.

I have never left Tamsui throughout my academic journey. I understand that many students in university may wish to broaden their horizons by going elsewhere, and I, too, had moments of confusion. However, in the end, I chose Tamkang University.

There are two reasons why I chose Tamkang University: "Exchange Programs" and "Professional Experience." Tamkang University's reputation for "globalization" is well-known, with a wide range of partner schools and regions for exchange programs. The inter-university exchange program waived the tuition fees of the host university, making it my primary goal after enrollment. In my senior year, I had the opportunity to study at Fudan University in Shanghai, deepening my knowledge in the field of business and making friends from Hong Kong and Shanghai. Now, when the graduation day is approaching, I have received an acceptance letter from the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom for their Master's program in Marketing. I will soon leave Tamsui once again, stepping out of the country and embracing a new world.

In terms of professional experience, Tamkang University offers comprehensive support in obtaining certifications and matching students with internships in companies. It is a valuable tool for business students who are determined to make solid progress and excel in their fields. Looking back at my years at Tamkang, I have participated in numerous national competitions, the exchange program, joined various clubs, and obtained multiple certifications. Tamkang has always felt like a friend who wholeheartedly supports me, providing the necessary resources to achieve my goals. It is also an enthusiastic mentor, constantly challenging me. If you can face these challenges and push yourself, I believe that four years later, you will become a formidable competitor in the workplace, able to stand shoulder to shoulder with top students from prestigious universities, rather than being left behind as a stepping stone.

Letting go to experience and finding a clear self-image

En-En Hung, first-year student of the Department of Economics, member of the "Economic & Education" (經探號) club, volunteer with USR project in Cambodia.

I enjoy going out, exploring nature, and interacting with people. Sharing life experiences is something I truly enjoy doing. That's why I joined the service team in my department called "Economic & Education" and organized numerous events with the department chair. Through these activities, I have found what I love doing and also discovered my own role and value.

When I was applying for college, Tamkang University was not my first choice. However, after the first-round results were announced, I researched a lot of resources and information. For me, the best choice turned out to be Tamkang University. The unique feature of Tamkang is its club-based curriculum, which is a key aspect of the school's "Three Circles and Five Disciplines of Education" philosophy (the "Three Circles of Curricula" refer to professional, general education, and extracurricular curricula, while the "Five Disciplines of Education" encompasses conduct, intelligence, physical education, teamwork, and beauty). I felt that Tamkang University could offer me the most resources beyond academic studies. Therefore, during the interview process, I specifically emphasized this aspect. I really enjoyed the interview process; I found it quite interesting. I approached the selection of my major with an open mindset, willing to accept all the resources and aspects that this university has to offer. The interview process was like choosing a partner, where after getting to know each other, we mutually confirmed if we were compatible.

In less than a year, following the footsteps of the "Economic & Education" team, I participated in several beach clean-ups and "A Day in the Life of a University Student" events. We invited miners to experience university life, and seeing their joy as they put on the university uniforms filled my heart with infinite emotions. This summer, I will be joining the team as an international volunteer in Cambodia. The preparation process has been solid and interesting because any ideas presented have the potential to be realized. Therefore, I can confidently communicate during meetings. Since the team is not large, everyone has the opportunity to take on various roles. While fulfilling different responsibilities, I also discovered that my lively and energetic nature is valued within the team. I can uplift the atmosphere during events. Although I may not excel in planning, I have many outstanding qualities when it comes to execution. Throughout my year at Tamkang, I have continuously grown and discovered myself. It feels as if I were a low-resolution picture, but through each activity, I gradually become clearer, gaining a better understanding of my position and value.

I believe that Tamkang University may not have been our initial top choice, but I feel that being here allows us to explore more directions to understand ourselves, discover our own value, and most importantly, find what we truly enjoy and let go to experience it. University life can be exciting and extraordinary, and we have the power to create a unique and distinctive journey.

Shine brightly and radiate heat, your best choice

Chia-Ni Shen, first-year graduate student in the Department of Banking and Finance, outstanding Youth of the 2021 academic year, five-time gold medalist in the "Athletics Open Women's 800m" event at the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games, participated in the "70th Anniversary Celebration" and the torch relay in Zhongzheng District during "Taipei Universiade" in 2017.

In my senior year of high school, without any hesitation, I placed Tamkang University as my first choice. As an athlete in track and field, I wanted to find a balance between academic studies and athletics during the college entrance phase. For 6 years in my junior and senior high school education, I had been studying away from home, but finally, in university, I was able to return to my hometown, Tamsui, and study at Tamkang University.

Tamkang University has an excellent faculty team, both in academia and sports. The university is rich in talented individuals. For example, my track and field coach, Mr. Tian-Wen Chen, is the record holder for the 400-meter hurdles in our country. He has also won a bronze medal in the World University Games, making him one of the renowned figures in our national track and field community. I am grateful for the five years of rigorous training under Coach Chen, which led me to achieve five consecutive championships in the women's 800m event at the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games and also the gold medal in the women's 800m event at the National Games 2021. These hard-earned achievements are attributed to Coach Chen's guidance and the support and resources provided by the Office of Physical Education at Tamkang University.

Thank you, Tamkang University! Without Tamkang University, there wouldn't have been Chia-Ni Shen shining on the track and field for these past few years. I wholeheartedly recommend all high school students who have a passion for sports to consider Tamkang University. It is a university that values holistic development and sports. It is undoubtedly your best choice.

Ride the wave of AI and create your own glory

Yu-Cheng Chang, a sophomore of the Department of Computer Science and information Engineering, enrolled in the Honors Program, CSA Microsoft Campus Cloud Ambassador at Tamkang University, received academic scholarship including the Joseph Wang Scholarship.

When I look back, memories of the past flicker in my mind. Two years ago, filled with uncertainty, I hesitantly stepped into this campus. Now, I can confidently share with others the growth and achievements I have experienced in these two years at this university, which truly belong to me.

During my freshman year, the school frequently organized Microsoft collaboration courses on weekends. With a thirst for knowledge, I participated in those courses. In the first semester of my sophomore year, as the pandemic situation gradually improved, supported by the academic concept of "AI+SDGs=∞," Tamkang University signed a partnership agreement with Microsoft to become an AI cloud strategic partner. The selection process for "Campus Cloud Ambassadors" was also initiated on campus, and I joined at that time. Over time, I have laid a solid foundation, not only in developing my IT skills but also in cultivating a spirit of serving others. In today's generation, AI technology is highly emphasized, and Tamkang University is at the forefront. In addition to providing AI cloud computing tools for all faculty and students, the university has also established courses to teach students how to leverage AI in their respective fields, showcasing their expertise and keeping up with the trends of the times, and even leading the way.

This semester, my classmates and I collaborated to develop an automated cloud-based service system using the knowledge we gained from Microsoft. This system is designed to analyze students' learning status and provide an automated chatbot for learning guidance. Through the practical application of our knowledge, we have seen the fruits of our learning over the past two years. This is my achievement at Tamkang University, and I hope that as a freshman, you can also create your own glory during your university years.

The Triple Objectives of Education has given me the confidence to face the future

Shan-Rou Ciou, a second-year student majoring in Education and Futures Design, also an Honors Program student, served as a staff member in the "Roaming Hostel and Taste Generation Camp”.

I am someone who enjoys chatting and learning new things. During my high school years, I had the opportunity to host exchange students from Germany and Japan. I also participated in planning camps for rural elementary schools in Taiwan to enhance my skills. Therefore, I chose internationally-oriented Tamkang University to continuously explore and engage in various fields of communication.

I entered Tamkang University through the regular admission process. I chose Tamkang University because it is a well-known school in the Greater Taipei area, and since I live in Taipei, schools in the northern region were preferred. Additionally, Tamkang University has collaborations with numerous internationally renowned universities, offering exchange programs and overseas internships, which was a major consideration for me in choosing Tamkang. Furthermore, Tamkang University has 8 colleges: Liberal Arts, Science, Engineering, Business and Management, Foreign Languages, International Studies, Education, and AI. There is a wide range of courses available, and in the past year, I have taken various courses such as Social Psychology, Excel Certification, and Current International Politics. There are even more courses waiting for me to explore and take as cross-domain electives.

Speaking of the campus, my favorite place in Tamkang University is the Chueh-Sheng Memorial Library. During exam weeks, I love sitting by the window, gazing at the famous sunset of Tamsui. It instantly relieves my tired mind. The library not only provides a conducive studying environment but also offers discussion rooms where we can have meetings or work on group projects smoothly. Another highlight is the Multimedia Resource Area located on the fifth floor. During free time, I enjoy watching movies with my classmates. There is a wide range of movie genres available, allowing us to relax and indulge in the colorful campus life.

The "Three Objectives of Globalization, Information-Oriented Education, and Future-Oriented Education is the educational philosophy of the school. Taking my major in Educational and Future Studies as an example, the department aims to cultivate students' abilities in future thinking and exploring trending issues in a rapidly evolving society. We often have discussions in the I201 scenario classroom on topics such as future thinking, design thinking, and issue analysis. I also participated in the "Roaming Hostel and Taste Generation Camp," where we used simple future studies methods (such as the Future Triangle and Bivariate Analysis) to analyze social issues and future events with high school students. This experience has given me more confidence in facing the uncertainties of the future society.

Seeing My Personal Growth Through Service

Tzu-Hui Hsu, a graduate student in the Department of Accounting, member of the Tamkang University Ambassadors Group, participated in over 20 ceremonial events as an ambassador and have served as a leader for multiple occasions, also served as the team leader for the 14th Tamkang University Ambassadors Group's winter social service team.

Speaking of the most valuable memories in university, it would probably be everything I experienced

in the clubs and organizations. Tamkang University offers 175 clubs, providing students with diverse

learning and development opportunities. "Club Learning and Practice" is a characteristic required credit at Tamkang, highlighting its emphasis on cultivating students' soft skills such as communication, teamwork, creativity, and leadership, which are highly valued by companies according to the "Favorite Graduates by Enterprises" ranking by Global View Monthly and Cheers magazines. I was attracted by the charisma of the ambassadors during the club fair, so I chose to join the Ambassadors Group. After joining, I discovered that beneath the Ambassadors' charming appearance, there was a series of rigorous training courses. I dedicated two evenings every week to receive various training courses, covering everything from poise and etiquette to international protocols, requiring solid absorption and flexible application. With a certain foundation, I actively participated in serving at major ceremonies. From the initial nervousness to later being composed and at ease, with each accumulated experience, I truly witnessed my own growth from the bottom of my heart.

The journey through the training of the ambassadors was not easy, but behind the hard work, I also developed numerous soft skills. Crisis management during ceremonies, verbal expression in guided tours, and crucial teamwork in every service played significant roles in nurturing these skills. Besides acquiring these abilities, what I cherish the most is witnessing how each ceremony becomes smoother and more successful because of our service. Every "thank you" from the guests as they leave has deeply touched me, allowing me to find moments of self-affirmation in "service" and become a more confident individual.

SDGs: #SDG4 Quality Education

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