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TKU and CECI Signed MOU to Cultivate Interdisciplinary Talents Together

Vice President for Academic Affairs of TKU, Hui-Huang Hsu, and Chairman of CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc., Taiwan, Yi-Fang Shih, on behalf of each side, signed the MOU at Shao-Mo Memorial Activity Center on November 14. The two sides will collaborate to cultivate interdisciplinary talents of high caliber, to set up test labs, and on research projects, student internship in industry, and exchanges of personnel. They will support each other and create prosperity together in the future.

The signing ceremony was held during the weekly meeting of College of Engineering. Led by Yi-Fang Shih, Special Advisor Zheng-Gang Li, Acting President Shyne-Ruey Liaw and more than 20 top executives from CECI were at present. Dr. Hui-Huang Hsu, Vice President for Administrative Affairs Chun-Hung Lin, first- and second-level supervisors, faculty and students of TKU attended the ceremony. Altogether 1800 guests, faculty and students witnessed the ceremony as a start for the two sides to break a new ground for mutual benefits.

Dr. Hui-Huang Hsu firstly introduced that CECI Taiwan contributed to numerous fundamental national constructions, such as the Kinmen Bridge that has been open to traffic since the end of October, Suhua Highway Improvement Project, etc. He also congratulated CECI for winning the bid for Terminal 3 Construction Project of Taoyuan International Airport. Dr. Hsu then introduced that Tamkang University, with 23400 students and nearly 300 000 alumni, has cultivated many excellent talents in various fields. He believes that both sides will collaborate on teaching, research and internship to integrate the professional database of both TKU and CECI, and to accelerate the transfer of research outcomes into practical applications. Besides, he hopes both sides to cooperate comprehensively to create more opportunities of internship and employment.

Dr. Yi-Fang Shih remarked that Tamkang is an important university in Taiwan for talent cultivation. He mentioned that among CECI’s 2100 employees, 150 are TKU alumni. This number lists top 5 of all universities and number 1 in private universities. He said that MOU is much more than a paper. CECI has over 30 sections, all of which want Tamkang to send students to intern there. He expected to provide more opportunities for Tamkangians to join CECI. After the ceremony, he delivered a speech on “What Should We Learn in University?”, providing guidance to students from College of Engineering at present.

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