Campus focus 2022-12-05

USR Expo, 3 Projects Presented Outcomes

Teams of TKU USR projects, Good Life in Tamsui (淡水好生活), TKU Farmer(農情食課), and Tamsui-Yi Lan Amphibious Jaunt (淡蘭海陸輕旅遊), participated in 2022 USR Expo at Songshan Cultural Park, Taipei on November 19-20. They introduced the results of the 3-year practice of their projects. Vice President for Academic Affairs, Hui-Huang Hsu specially showed up at the venue and appreciated all team members for their efforts.

On November 19, Professor of Department of Architecture Rui-Mao Huang, shared his experience of “Collage on the Spot – Action Research in Participatory Design Workshop”, an outstanding teaching practice project. He respectively introduced problem awareness, implementation field, projects corresponding to SDGs, teaching research design, teaching research process, teaching practice outcomes, teaching recollection and future planning reflection, and implementation experience sharing. He emphasized that the advisor played an important multi-faceted role in practice field and it was importance for the advisor to be on the spot. On November 20, Co-PIs of Good Life In Tamsui – Learning-Oriented Plan for Urban and Rural Construction, Chair Yen-Ling Lin and 1st-year graduate student Shu-Hung Chu of Department of Economics attended USR TALK. Under the atmosphere of space and time before & after 50 years and the songs “The Road to Ordinary”, “Twilight”, they shared their team’s service experience in Cambodia. It is very convenient to see doctors, drink and eat in Taiwan, but things are not the same in Cambodia. The current situation there is like Taiwan 50 years ago. Their experience in Cambodia makes them treasure more all resources and social welfare they have in Taiwan.

Professor Yen-Ling Lin thinks that it is good to exchange results once a year, while it is a bit pity that the stands of Tamkang are scattered. Shu-Hung Chu says it is cool to share his life and experience in Cambodia to people from other school and he hopes to join the expo next time.

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