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Supported by Teaching Excellence Project funds of Ministry of Education, Institute of Future Studies invites domestic leaders of NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations), gradually facing the growth of “society of Taiwan citizen”, to give speeches on serial topics of “Marching toward citizen’s society: Dialogues with the third department of folks”. Welcome teachers and students to participate in!

Chen Chien-Fu, Chair of Graduate Institute of Future Studies, expresses that seeking various kinds of settlement ways from folk groups to make agreement and exchange could be beneficial to both folk and governmental organizations to learn how to deal with similar issues in the future. He hopes folk groups could share different working experiences through these series of speeches, and he looks forward to young generation and outstanding people’s hard work for Taiwan marching toward a citizen's society in the future.

On May 14th, Kao Ru-pin, Director of National Association for the Promotion of Community University, was invited to give a speech on “Community Education and Social Science” at C012 from 4:00-6:00 in the afternoon. And Ms. Chi Hui-jung, CEO of The Garden of Hope, gave a speech at T705 from 4:00-6:00 in the afternoon on Wednesday (May 16).

Later, speakers from NGO including Shi Shin-min (President of Taiwan Environmental Protection Union), Lin Fong-cheung (CEO of The Judicial Reform Foundation), Chen Man-li (Chairman of National Union of Taiwan Women Association), Xiao Hsin-huang (researcher of Institute of Sociology Academia Sinica) were invited too. ( ~Johnny Chu )

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