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At the beginning of May, 7 students of Department of German including Jiang Yu-Shuan passed the German language exam –“Zertifikat Deutsch” with excellent performance. Besides these 7 students, Lin Yuan-huang and other two students also passed the exam last term. Announced by the Department of German, 2,000 NT dollars scholarship will be issued to students whoever pass the exam in order to encourage them.

Tien Chia-yu (junior of Department of German) said ,“I advise everybody to " read more ", especially encourage people with good English to learn German, because there are many similar places in this two languages. Speaking with the vocabulary, nearly 3000 words are the same.”

It is not easy for Lin Yuan-huang (sophomore of Department of German) to pass the exam, because he has not learned German for a long time. He said that “speaking out” is most important for learning German. He also went to “German zone” of Department of German once a week for doing a lot of oral practices with other exchanged students of Germany during the two-hour period. ( ~Johnny Chu )

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