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Responding to the global emphasis on Chinese language, Graduate Institute of Chinese Linguistics and Documentation will hold “Cultural Code, Language Deciphering: Forum on Chinese Language and Culture” from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday (Mar. 25) on the fifth floor of Alumni Assembly Hall of Taipei Campus. The forum will focus on the interaction between Chinese language and culture. Welcome all teachers, students, and experts to participate in this conference.

Graduate Institute of Chinese Linguistics and Documentation has invited some prominent scholars, including Dr. Kung Peng-Cheng, Distinguished Research Chair Professor of Beijing National University, Dr. Chu Chia-Ning, Professor of Dept. of Chinese of National Chengchi University, and Dr. Yao Jung-Sung, Professor of Graduate Institute of Taiwan Culture, Language & Literature of National Taiwan Normal University. TKU participants include Chair Chen Shih-Hua, Dr. Wu Che-Fu, Dr. Chou Yen- Wen, Dr. Lu Kuo- Ping, Dr. Chou Chih- Wen, and Assistant Professor Chang Pei- Chi from Graduate Institute of Chinese Linguistics and Documentation. Dr. Liu Jeng-Huei and Dr. Yan Guen-Yang from department of Chinese.

The forum encompass seven issues, including Chinese Culture Theory, Application of Chinese Culture Theory, Reflection on and Prospect of Chinese Culture, History of Chinese Characters and Chinese Culture History, Global Passion with Chinese, Cross-Strait Comparison in Language and Culture, and Digitalization and the New Language Mode. ( ~Shelley Tang )

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