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Dr. Keh Huan-chao, Dean of Office of Academic Affairs, proceeds a report, based on the statistics of freshmen’s grades data, at administration meeting on March. 14. The statistics of 2005-2007 academic years indicate that most TKU freshmen reach average level in their Chinese, English, and Mathematics grades in the joint exam, and the grades of those accepted through recommendation are better than that of those through joint examination. Thus, Dr. Keh suggests every department to enhance the acceptance rate of recommended students. President C. I. Chang remarks that the report proves that TKU students have great plasticity. She expects every department to review present freshmen counseling system and improve the problems in the grade monitoring and warning system. She also agrees with the suggestion to increase the acceptance rate of recommended students.

Dr. Keh Huan-chao points out that in the recent three years about 60% to 70% exam-screened students’ grades in English, Chinese, and mathematics are above average level. Besides, the Chinese and English grades grow up year by year. The average of Chinese grades is from 10.65 level to 11.86 level, and there are 33.1% students get top level and front level. The average of English grades is from 9.19 level to 9.73 level, and there are 44.1% students in the top and front levels. He adds, “It represents that the average quality of TKU freshmen is not bad.” College of Liberal Arts champions in the subject of Chinese, follows by College of Foreign Languages and Literature. As to the English subject, College of Foreign Languages and Literature gets the champion. In Lanyang Campus, College of Global Research and Development overpasses the other colleges in the rate of average level, and it reached 100% in 2006 academic year. Students’ English level in College of Global Research and Development is next to College of Foreign Languages and Literatures. The champion in math grade average is College of Sciences. The math grades of the freshmen in College of Sciences all attain the average level this year, which break the three-year records.

In the conclusion of the report, Dr. Keh Huang-chao mentions that the grades of 80% of the recommended students are above the average level. He suggests every department not only to intensify the enrolling competition but also to increase the recommended students up to the limit of 40%. He expects to recruit more excellent freshmen. ( ~Shelley Tang )

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