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TKU’s 59th Anniversary Ceremony took place at the Student Activity Center on Saturday Nov. 7. Except President Flora C.I. Chang and TKU Founder Clement C.P. Chang, former Presidents Yea-hong Chen and Yun-shan Lin, the World TKU Alumni Association Director General Hsiang-shu Duan, the former R.O.C. TKU Alumni Association Director General Ching-nan Chen and the Director General Elected Shen Luo also participated. Golden Eagle Award winners Wen-xong Lin, Shu-lun Kuo and Jun-yu Chen personally came to receive their awards at the Anniversary Ceremony. The opening ceremony began with the enthusiastic singing of the TKU Song by all participants, and the scene was warm and happy.

President Chang especially thanked all alumni from around the world for their coming to the Anniversary even though they had very busy schedules. She reported TKU’s major achievements such as National Quality Award, MOE Physical Education Excellent Performance Award, Special Award from “The 4th Rotterdam Bi-Annual Architecture Exhibition” and the championship of World Cup for Robot Soccer Competition. She said, “The glory of all the achievements belongs to all TKU people. TKU’s main target for the future is to cultivate outstanding intelligent talents, hoping TKU will create another peak.”

TKU Founder Chang mentioned the 40th Anniversary of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, thanking the former Department Chair and the former TKU President Ron-yaw Chao for their great effort and contribution to TKU’s development of information technology. He hoped that TKU would make further progress in developing information technology. World TKU Alumni Association Director General Hsiang-shu Duan also pointed out that it was indeed commendable for the Alma Mater to have won the National Quality Award and been the best loved private university by the enterprises for 12 consecutive years, hoping TKU would make persistent efforts for better achievement and all alumni would also diligently strive to contribute to TKU’s remarkable future.

In addition, about 300 alumni participated in the 2009 Homecoming Day by the Office of Alumni Services and Resource Development. All exchanged business cards, happily greeted one another and chatted. The Alumni Association elected Shen Luo as the new director general. He expressed that he was greatly honored to be elected, saying in Taiwanese, “I’ll certainly do my best to promote the development of the TKU World Alumni Association, not letting anyone down.”

At the 2009 Homecoming Day Tea Party, TKU Founder Chang pointed out, “We expect that in the future we will have a bigger breakthrough and strive for the fifth wave of construction.” “I come back for TKU’s anniversary every year and sees growth every time, so I really feel honored to be a TKU alumnus,” said Business Administration Alumnus Jing-ling You who serves as the Department of Management, San Kwang Instruments Co.

On the same day, the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering held its “40th Anniversary—Harmonious Reunion of 1000 Alumni.” Nearly a thousand alumni including Founder Chang, President Flora C.I. Chang, former TKU presidents Ron-yaw Chao and Yun-shan Lin, all joyfully reunited. The occasion was unmatched in grandeur! Walking into the Time Tunnel of the Gym, many alumni felt as if they were nostalgically travelling back to the past on a time machine. All recollections welled up in their minds. During the party all alumni warmly introduced their recent situations one another. Then the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering set up the TKU Computer Science and Information Engineering Alumni Association, establishing a two-way exchange platform for communication and interaction, promoting an Everlasting Scholarship Fund rewarding outstanding students and alumni. ( ~Dean X. Wang )

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