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American company Altera donated FPGA hardware, development software and IP equipment and technology to TKU, and they are worth more than NT$150 million. The American company would set up an EDA/SOPC joint lab to cultivate outstanding system designing talents together with TKU’s Department of Electrical Engineering. The agreement signing ceremony took place at E680 on Nov. 11 at 10:00 am. President Flora C.I. Chang, Altera General Manager (Taiwan Area) Ying-ren Chen and TERASIC Technologies General Manager Hsian-en Peng participated in the agreement signing ceremony.

President Chang said that she was happy to have the opportunity for such a cooperation to raise students’ competitiveness. Yin-ren Chen explained that Altera had been cooperating with the academic world, providing students with good opportunities to apply their colorful and rich imaginations in designing and also help faculty with their academic researches. On behalf of Altera in the Taiwan area, TERASIC Technologies carries out Altera’s plans of helping universities establish joint labs and training centers. Hsian-en Peng said that at present, university graduates face increasing pressures in employment. It is a big challenge to foster students’ necessary professional abilities and competitiveness before they enter the job market. So far, TKU is the only university in Taiwan that has implemented such a system in the freshman curricula, just as Cornell University, MIT and other famous American universities are doing. So he really appreciates TKU’s courage and foresight. “It is only the first step to set up the joint lab; we will then also continue to provide more assistance that will benefit more people.”

The Chair of the Department of Electronic Engineering Ching-chang Wong expressed that the EDA/SOPC joint lab will use the DE-0 development board by Altera and the technology by TERASIC Technologies as the teaching materials for both undergraduate and graduate students, training students to handle the FPGA development platform that is also widely used by enterprises. In so doing, students can even design and develop products that can go on the market. The cooperation not only provides students with a better learning environment but also enables them to understand how enterprises operate. Thus student will be more competitive and can successfully enter enterprises right after their graduation. Electronic Engineering master freshman Jian-yu Lai said, “With Altera’s support that will redouble our proficiency, we can save time in designing and the results will be better.” ( ~Dean X. Wang )

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