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Extracurricular Activities Guidance Section, Office of Student Affairs, won MOE award for “Excellent Organization” of service learning programs. The section has lasting efforts in promoting service education in student clubs. This year TKU student service delegate went to Cambodia. There were ten universities winning this award and joining an emulation assembly held at Tajen University, Pintong.

This is the first time for TKU to participate in the competition. Section Chief Hsieh Ching-tang expressed that “in the past, the section had joined the assembly only for emulation. With the lasting efforts in making progresses and the persistent devotion of section member Lee Mei-lan, we finally win the award.” In recent two years, the section has organized 41 service teams, in cooperation with 23 other schools, in diverse activities, such as holding Seed Volunteer Camps, Club Management Workshops, assisting elementary school clubs, and hometown services during the summer and winter vacations.

Recreational Activity Counseling Club, which has won national awards for best student club for two times, did not get the recognition in this competition. Yeh Jih-cheng, leader of Entertainment Assistance Club, expressed that “this is the first time for the club to participate in the competition of service learning program, and after observing the performances of various student clubs from other universities we recognize our lack of preparation, but we has learned a lot from the assembly.” Section Chief Hsieh Ching-tang remarked that “the quality of Recreational Activity Counseling Club is excellent; however, they should improve in the quantity of their services.” Yeh appreciated the supports and assistance of Extracurricular Activities Guidance Section in facilitating and founding their participation. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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