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TKU has made another big step in its objective of globalization. Representing Dept. of Law, Ryutsu Keizai University (RKU), Dr. Hata Nagami, Chair of Faculty of Self-Governing Administration, signed academic exchange agreement with Dept. of Public Administration, TKU, at Chung-ling Chung-cheng Hall on Nov. 26. Dr. Huang I-feng, Chair, Dept. of Public Administration, TKU, indicated that they would actively work on the cooperative short-term research project for teachers and students exchange program in the near future.

Dr. Yamazaki Toru, Prof. of Dept. of Law, RKU, had been the Visiting professor of our Japanese Dept. With his help, TKU and RKU successfully signed the academic exchange agreement, including exchanging academic documents, journals and bibliographies, doing cooperative research, and promoting the interflow among teachers of both sides. Dr. Nagami expressed that he was very happy to sign the agreement with TKU, and he hoped the two schools would have more academic interaction hereafter. Dr. Huang also pointed out that the self-governing system of Japan is worth learning since it is very mature. Therefore, his department will work with RKU more often in the coming days. ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

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