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Three delegations from Belgium, China and Macau, visited Tamkang University on January 11, 12 and 22, respectively. The first arrivals were Mr. Pierre de Maret, Pro Recteur of the Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, who led a four-person delegation to visit TKU. Mr. Pierre de Maret said that he was deeply impressed with TKU’s capability in joining hands of foreign language expertise with exotic cultures, to provide a comprehensive foreign language teaching and learning environment for students. He expressed his wish to build closer bilateral tie between his school and the TKU via cooperation such as exchange students program.

Following the Belgium delegation’s footstep came the visiting group form the Communication University of China. The Chinese group led by the university’s Advertising School Deputy Dean Zhang Shuting, together with a total of 11 members, held a conference with TKU’s counterparts on January 12. Dr. Chiu Jeong-yeou, dean of the College of Liberal Arts, TKU, said after the meeting that the Chinese university is experienced and well-quipped in cultivating talents in communication sphere in China. He hoped that the TKU will be able to establish sound relation with the Chinese university or even become sister schools.

During the conference, Yang Ming-yu, Chair of the Department of Mass Communication, briefed to the Chinese delegation about his department. Long Xiaonong of the Chinese university’s Europe Media Research Center, was deeply impressed with the Yang’s department, especially in the part of the department’s internship programs.

Then on January 22, the delegation from the University of Macau, headed by Dr. Pang Chap Chong, Dean of Office of Academic Affairs of University of Macau together with members of the university’s alumni association, also paid a visit to the Tamkang University. Peng said that he was really impressed with TKU’s well-organized tradition in alumni services. Kot Man Kam, President of the Executive Committee of University of Macau Alumni Association also expressed his admiration that TKU has more than 220,000 alumni around the world. In giving suggestion to the alumni development in the Macau university, Sye Wen-fa, director of the TKU's Alumni Services and Resources Development Office, said that the school could hold regular alumni homecoming events to keep in closer contacts with its alumni. Dr. Tai Wan-chin, Vice President for International Affairs, expressed his wish to ink official cooperation agreement with the Macau University so that the teachers and students of both sides can hold exchanges. ( ~Yeh Yun-kai )

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