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17 service teams had taken the opportunity of winter vacation to do services around the country. They are Changhua High-school Alumni Association, Taichung Region High-school Alumni Association, Erh Ch’I High-school Alumni Association, Pingtung High-school Alumni Association, Hualien High-school Alumni Association, Innovative Information and Technology Department Association, Assocaition of Campus Ambassador, Human Animal Care Club, and the winner of the Award of Excellence of 2009 Evaluation of College Student Clubs, Tamkang Recreational Activity Counseling Club. The flag-passing ceremony, hosted by Dr. Kao Po-yuan, Vice President for Administrative Affairs, took place at B712, Business Management Building, on Jan. 18.

As usual, this year, these service teams did their voluntary services in rural areas, including Kaoshiung and Pintong counties. They provided schoolwork counseling, computer class, recreational activities, environmental protection class, etc. Tamkang Oversea Service Corp. in Cambodia went to Kompong Cham District, Kompong Cham Province, and Kampot Province in Cambodia with their love and passion. It was their second time to go to Cambodia. In the flag-passing ceremony, Dr. Kao said his expectation to the service teams, “A specialty is not only for accomplishing personal goals, but also for bringing care and happiness for others.” Dr. Ko Chih-en, Dean, Office of Student Affairs, also indicated that she had the same volunteer service experience as one of the members of youth visiting group in college, so she could truly identify with the service teams. She hoped that every student could learn a lot from the service.

The service team of Innovative Information and Technology Department Association had held Information Sciences Camp at Yue Ming Elementary School, Su-ao Township, Yilan County on Jan 25 to 27. Apart from introducing the components of computer hardware, the courses mainly focused on how to properly use free resource on the Internet, such as making an e-postcard. Through the camp activities, the team hoped to increase students’ competitiveness by improving their ability of using computers and on-line information to practice their creativity. ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

Figure: Dr. Kao Po-yuan, Vice President for Administrative Affairs (the third from right), and other teachers cheered on the members of service teams, and took pictures with them.

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