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On behalf of the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission, TKU’s Division of Continuing Education (DCE) held “Overseas Chinese Youth Observation Group” from Jan. 6 to 26, leading 78 Overseas Chinese youth from Central and South America, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany to experience the culture and scenery of Taiwan. Through this tour, the participants not only learned more about Taiwan, but also made many friends from different countries. After getting along for a half month, the members had built close friendship, so when the tour was going to end, they hugged each other with tears and were reluctant to say goodbye.

The members of the study tour mostly came from Central and South Americas like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, etc. In addition to the popular places like National Palace Museum and Shilin Night Market, DCE designed a trip around the island based on some popular Taiwanese films and TV drama in recent days, such as Black and White, Cape No. 7, and The Most Distant Course. Through visiting the shooting spots of these films, the tour led the youth not only to visit Taipei, Tainan, Kaoshiung, and Kenting, but also to experience the particular Taiwanese culture via the perspectives of the films.

13 tour counselors were selected for this event. Each of them had good foreign language ability, which displayed the achievement of TKU’s objective of internationalization. One of the counselors Chiang Wan-chi, a senior of Dept. of International Trade, indicated, “These young people from Central and South America are very passionate and like to show themselves. The photos they took during the trip are full of creativity, which bring more fun for the tour.” Anne Tsai from Brazil said, “I like Taiwan’s night market the most! There are so many delicious foods, and I just can’t stop eating!” Kao Ming-chun from Argentina also expressed, “This is my first time to Taiwan. The weather here is much better than that in Argentina, and the environment is very clean. I really love here.” ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

Figure: The members of Overseas Chinese Youth Observation Group had a wonderful time in Kenting Night Market.

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