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Dept. of Statistics, TKU, signed the academic exchange agreement with Dept. of Statistics of Yunnan University last month. Dr. Tang Nien-sheng, Vice Dean, College of Mathematics and Statistics, especially came to TKU to sign the agreement. It is hoped that both sides can have further practical communication through this agreement. In the future, they are planning to exchange academic journals, increase students’ and teachers’ interaction between the two departments, and do research project to raise the research quality, creating a win-win deal.

Dr. Wang Xiao-ren, the ex-President of Yunnan University, appraised TKU’s academic achievement a lot after he joined “2009 Cross-Strait Symposium on Applied Statistics” held in TKU last year. Hence he urged to make this agreement because he hoped that Yunnan University could have further cooperation. Dr. Tsai Tzong-ru, Chair, Dept. of Statistics, expected that this agreement could bring both schools different and new ideas to the research.

In addition, Dept. of Statistics will also sign the academic exchange agreement with Xiamen University before this June. Xiamen University is one of the top universities in Mainland, so the agreement can improve the mutual cooperation and academic communication. ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

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