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Tamkang University’s year-end party was held at the Student Activity Center on January 28. Hosted by Dr. Chen Hsiao-chuan, Chair of Institute of the Americas, and Huang Wen-chih, secretary of the President’s Room, the party was a great success. It featured many fascinating shows, including a joint choir of “The Moon Represents My Heart” led by President Flora Chia-I Chang.

The year-end party kicked off with a Chinese Lion dance performance, led by two lions ushers, Dr. Tai Wan-chin, Vice President for International Affairs and Dr. Kao Hsun-fang, Dean of the College of Education. One of the climaxes of the event was a singing contest held during the party. 10 contesters joined the contest. All of them sang like pros and deeply impressed every listener.

Another show was a traditional Chinese instrument performance by Dr. Yu Chia-cheng, Chair of the Graduate Institute of Curriculum and Instruction, and his wife. Together they jointly performed traditional Chinese instrument Gu Zheng and Erhu. A short film made by the staff members of the college of international studies was also broadcasted on the event to memorize each moment all the faculties of the TKU done in the past year. Following the show was a group dancing by members of the College of International Studies and College of Education.

The final but the most widely-anticipated program of the event was the lottery drawing, featuring with more than 200 gifts of all kinds to participants of the party. The biggest prize money 30,000 NT ultimately went to Ting Shao-feng, Section chief of the Non-Book Material Section of the TKU library. “I can’t believe it! It must be a good sign for this upcoming year,” said Ting, adding that she felt really lucky to be able to win the prize money and she will buy drinks to her colleagues for a treat.

At the end of the party, Tai and Kao together handed down a flag that represents the organizing body of the annual year-end party to Director of the Office of Military Education and Training Chen Kuo-liang and Director of the Office of Physical Education Hsiao Shu-fen, who will be responsible for the next year event. Hsiao promised that she will bring another great year-end show to all TKU members in 2011. ( ~Yeh Yun-kai )

Figure: TKU President Flora Chia-I Chang hands a red envelop to the lion dancers.

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