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The TKU Student Association held a winter training camp for the union’s cadre members on January 18 and 19 at TKU Langyang Campus. The beauty of the campus in Yilan County impressed all the participants of the camp. During the two day training program, the Student Association has invited experts in holding group activities from the Kung-Fu Paradise Education Team to give lectures. These lecturers informed all the future leaders in group events on how to make use of creative thinking to hold activities of all kinds to exercise the teamwork spirit.

Another program of the training camp was a workshop on teaching these participants to create and run an event. The senior cadres of the Student Association gave the time, place and what to do for these participants, asking them to think of a plan of holding an event following the above instructions.

Other lecturers in the camp are, Chen Sheng-chih, president of the Student Association, a junior in the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, who talked about the importance of Student Association in student’s self-governance; Tsai Ya-ju, head of the Student Association’s financial affairs, a junior in the Department of Finance, lectured on the official documentation process and verification of expenditure. Chiang Chi-i, a junior in the Department of Public Administration, talked about the importance of student rights and rights pleading issues.

One of the participants of the camp, Chung Hsing-ju, a sophomore in the English Department, said he learned how the Student Association plays an important role in the TKU after joining the camp. Another participant, Lin Po-ting, sophomore in the Department of Economics, said that as a member of the Student Rights Department of the Student Association, he will do his best in protecting the rights of his fellow students.

Yu Chia-chia, a sophomore in the Spanish Department, who joined the workshop on launching an event or activity, said that she had learned how to hold a TKU-style event via brainstorming with her team members. She also learned to make use of limited resources and budget to set up a successful event.

At the end of the training camp, all the participants wrote down their resolutions in the New Year, while all of them jointly pledged to reunite in the next year’s training camp. The secretary-general of the Student Association, Chen Hsiao-han, a junior in the English Department, said she hopes she will able to leave a mark in the Student Association. She also encouraged every one in the union to do their best to serving the school and fellow students.


A five-day winter music camp of the Tamkang Chorus concluded on January 22. All of the participants of the camp expressed that they have improved their singing skills while at the same time explored his or herself through body languages. Kao Chen-yao, leader of the Tamkang Chorus attributed to the success of the camp to the excellent job of vocal instructors who had helped the student singers to elevate their skills in the camp. Kao also noted that the skills they learned in the camp also helped his chorus’s subsequent performance, the “the Lion King” at the National Concert Hall on January 25, a success.

Kao noted that all the vocal instructors of the camp are well-experienced who jointly offered a variety of courses during the five-day training. Vocalist Chen Mei-ling, a former instructor of the Taipei Philharmonic Chorus and Rong-Shing Choir, taught the TKU Chorus to know their own voices; Chen Pei-chi, ex-vocal instructor of the Taipei Philharmonic Chorus, helped students to explore their potentials; instructors Lin Yi-wei and Lin Kuen-huei did a great job helping students to sing better and to better use their body language.

There are also many instructors who have pointed out individuals’ flaws in signing that many of them did not know before, Kao noted. “Thanks to their careful instruction, every one of us has grown up a little bit,” he said.


The Guitar Club launched its winter camp at Tamsui Campus New Engineering Building on January 23. The five days camp includes guitar lessons, party and group activities. Many of the participating students said that they were really satisfied with the camp that helped to sharpen one’s guitar skills while binding the club members together. The lecturers of the camp are all big names in this field include Lin Chien-ho, Hsieh Li-hang, and Lin Cheng-ju. The head of the club Chuang Sheng-ta, a junior in the Department of Mathematic, noted that it was a club tradition to hold camp on winter vacation. “It is a tiring job but totally worth it,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Horse Riding Learning Club held a two-day training camp at the Shanhaikuan Horse Riding Club in Tamsui. The camp activities include basic horse riding duty, horse riding training, and other horse riding related courses. Many of the club members are females; however, none of them felt tired during the whole training process. Head of the Horse Riding Learning Club, Yuen Ai-ting, a sophomore in the Department of Public Administration, said that this year they had all the members to sleep one night at the Horse Riding Club to better understand a day’s life of a horse while at the same time helping club members to better know each other. The newcomer of the club Li Chia-jung, a sophomore in the Department of French, recalled her bad experience in the camp for she was trampled by a horse during practice. However, she still felt it was an interesting experience to ride a horse. ( ~Yeh Yun-kai )

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