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On September 18, the Field Study Room of Department of Chinese held a wrap-up presentation at Tamsui Community College’s garage to exhibit its accomplishment for the past year. The wrap-up presentation is the seventh of its kind and will be held under the theme of “Living in Tamsui.” This is also the first time such presentation to be held outdoors.

The presentation features documentary films made by TKU graduates and students who currently studying in Tamkang. The presentation includes four subjects: “A View of the MRT Station,” “Jhuwei Life Circle,” “The Song of the Arts,” and “York by the Riverside.”

Dr. Chou Yen-wen, a professor in the Department of Chinese and advisor of the film presentation, said he saw many students were facing obstacles when trying to make the film. But they all did their best in recording Tamsui and the efforts deserve to be praised. Lin Che-chien, a senior in the Chinese Department who doubles as CEO of the event said many TKU graduates still deeply cherish the memory of Tamsui’s scenery. The documentaries all try to capture the beauty of Tamsui, not only the TKU campus, through the eyes of students.

“Jhuwei Life Circle” is produced by Wu Tai-luan and Shen Ying-chun, junior and senior students in the Department of Information and Library Science. They use both documentary films and texts to record the Jhuwei area with focuses on community empowerment and the pros and cons of so-to-be-build Taipei-Tamsui Expressway. Wu Po-hsun, a graduate of the Chinese Department, said these films have reminded him the good old memory about Tamsui and he is deeply touched. The presentation was joined by many TKU teachers and students, including Hsieh Ju-chen, the publisher of Wen-Shen Weekly and the president of Dannhae News. She said she was deeply impressed by such an interesting presentation that offers diverse views on certain topics. ( ~ Yeh Yun-kai )

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