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To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, Overseas Chinese Student Guidance Section of Office of Student Affairs provided moon cakes to the overseas Chinese students of TKU, letting them taste the Taiwanese moon cakes before the holiday. Office of International Exchanges and International Education also held a party at Chueh Hsuan Chinese Garden on Sept. 21, through which foreign students could not only experience the holiday atmosphere, but also understand more about Chinese culture. Dr. Tai Wan-chin, Vice President for International Affairs, indicated that since the Mid-Autumn Festival is a day for reunion, he hoped that these international students could also have a nice and warm holiday though they are away from their homeland.

“I felt warm and happy when I got the moon cake,” Wang Chin-cheng from Macau, a sophomore of Dept. of Economics, said happily. Wang Mei-ching, a senior of Dept. of Public Administration also from Macau, expressed that, “Overseas Chinese Student Guidance Section is just like a big family, which takes care of us a lot. However, I’m a little bit sad because this might be the last year for me to get the moon cake from the Section.” Lei Chu-hsien, one of the Section members, said, “Providing moon cakes to the overseas Chinese students can not only release their homesickness, but also allow them try some moon cakes with different flavors.”

Meanwhile, at the party held at Chueh Hsuan Chinese Garden, every foreign student was very excited about the various types of exotic food. Apart from the cuisine of different countries, there were many pomelos and different kinds of moon cakes, too. Some students were discussing the local fine food restlessly, while others observing the pomelos with curiosity. Carol Mariela Vindel Martinez from Honduras, now a sophomore of Dept. of International Business, greatly praised Chinese food. “This is my first time to try Chinese food, and I think it is very special and delicious,” said Carol. She also indicated that this kind of Chinese holiday for reunion really warmed people’ heart.

Yen Ju from Mainland China, now a junior student of French Dept. in TKU, made some new friends who were also from China at the party, and she felt like running across old friends in a distant land. She expressed happily that Office of International Exchanges and International Education really held a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival Party for the foreign students. She never thought that she could have such a wonderful holiday atmosphere when studying abroad. ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

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