NO. 869

The TKU Department of Spanish Turns 50

The TKU Department of Spanish is turning 50! To celebrate, on Tuesday October 2nd it will be holding a four-day exhibition at the Black Swan Exhibition Hall called the “Spanish and Latin American Ceramic Art Exhibition”. It will also hold a Spanish Film Exhibition on the 5th Floor Non-Book Information Section of the TKU Library. The Ceramic Art Exhibition will showcase a wide range of ceramic artwork from Spain and Latin America. Among the pieces on display will be ocarinas, which are small, intricately-designed ceramic wind instruments with holes carved into them so that they can be played like the flute. While appreciating the art, visitors can also sample high quality red wines imported especially from Argentina.

Meanwhile, at the TKU Memorial Library, the Department of Spanish will broadcast two Spanish movies per day – one at 12:30pm; the other at 6:30pm. The movies shown will give students a deeper insight and understanding of the Spanish language, history, and culture.

In addition, on the 2nd floor of the library, the Department will host two special lectures: one delivered by TKU Associate Professor Lih-Lirng Soang (Wed. Oct 3); the other by an associate professor from the Wenzao Unsaline College of Languages, Lin Chen-Yu (Fri. Oct 5). The respective themes of the lectures will be “Love and Flamenco Art” and “Film, History, and Society”.

For more details on the exhibitions and lectures, please visit the website .