NO. 869

Tamkang Alumna Receives Oscar Honor

Rachel Chen, and alumna from the TKU Department of Mass Communications, served as one of the associate producers on a recently-released movie “Touch of the Light”. Since hitting the big screen in September, the film has received rave reviews and become a box office sensation.

What’s more, it has received an Oscar nomination in the Foreign Film category of the upcoming 85th Academy Awards. “Touch of the Light” is based on the true story of a blind piano prodigy who grew up in rural Taiwan and never gave up on his dream of becoming a famous musician. Rachel Chen commented “being nominated for the Academy Award is incredibly gratifying. This is an honor for the entire cast and crew. However, it’s still a while until the Oscars. I feel that as long as we are truthful about what we’re trying to present, we’ll be able to touch audiences”.