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The e-Calligraphy Pen: A Model for Academia / Industry Collaboration

On August 26, the TKU Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center held a Digital Painting Exhibition. The exhibition displayed the work of 30 well-known painters who used the Tamkang University e-Calligraphy Pen to produce their artwork. At the opening ceremony of the event, the TKU President, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, explained that creating the e-Calligraphy Pen was a joint project involving the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, the Department of Chinese Literature, and the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. She praised the technology, calling it the ideal example of collaboration between academia and industry. “It not only extends traditional forms of art and calligraphy, but also represents TKU’s commitment to cross-discipline innovation”, she stated.

The Director of the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, Prof. Chang Ben-hang, noted that “we recently worked with the National Palace Museum to recreate eight Chinese calligraphy masterpieces using the e-Calligraphy Pen. We displayed the pieces in animated format in Mainland China and received a resounding response”.

At present, the TKU Maritime Museum is holding a contest in which entrants are required to paint their favorite scenes from the Tamsui Campus using the e-Pen. Winning contestants will receive a certificate, prize money, and the latest 3rd generation “Super e-Pen”. For details on how to enter, please see the competition website at

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