NO. 869

TKU Volunteers Meet to Share their Experiences

During the recent summer vacation, 18 TKU volunteer groups travelled to remote areas of Taiwan to provide much-needed care to the community. After returning, they jointly held a Volunteer Service Experience-Sharing Seminar, in which they shared their experiences travelling and volunteering. Two of the volunteer groups went to Shi Hu Elementary School in Miaoli County, Central Taiwan. Third year TKU student and volunteer, Tsao Wen-ting, said that the aim of their volunteer trip was to help local children gain a deeper awareness of the characteristics of the various local towns in the Miao Li area. Students from the TKU Course Aboriginal Culture and Rural Service formed a volunteer group called “Team Lai Chi” and went to Lai Chi Elementary School in Chia Yi County. 4th Year Statistics student and Team Lai Chi member, Huang Jun-lin, said that as part of the volunteer activity local children created green maps of their tribes. Team members also helped to heal local children who had been through the Morakot Typhoon by guiding them in setting up a “painting area” in the local village.

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