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Announcements for Future Class Curriculum

【Reported by Qiao-ting Zhao, Tamkang Times】In synch with Tamkang Universities Internationally-oriented and future-oriented eduational policy, graduate students can register to attend the “2014 World Future Academic Conference” taking place from July 11th to the 13th. Students will be able to register from today until the 17th of this month at noon. It is estimated that on the 24th preliminary testing will begin.

To qualify for registration for the future class curriculum, applying students must be from first to third year university students and need to have a GPA above 80 percent. Also students currently taking future classes can submit a recommendation letter from their professor. After being accepted into the program, the school can help with half of the airfare and provide some funding for living necessities. For more information see link: Or call ext. 3001.

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