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Tamkang Times Shows What’s Behind the News

【Reported by Wen-yuan Zheng, Tamkang Times】This week in the Black Swan Exhibition Hall the Tamkang Times faculty members are holding, “Behind the News, My Q301 Days.” At the this display, observers can see the concept wall, writings, specialized film area, pictures, operation methods and the imagination room. A member of the Tamkang Times news team and four-year student of the Department of French, Jia-wen Lin, stated, “The people at Tamkang Times are always observing, communicating, recording, and listening. It’s like we are an invisible partner that no one can see or touch, but we bring the reality of what happens around campus to life. By holding this exhibition we can attract people who are like-minded and interested in becoming the eyes and ears of the university.”

Director of Tamkang Times, Yu-pei Ma, expressed, “The purpose of Tamkang Times is to act as a service to the students, teachers and alumni on campus. We provide information on up and coming events in order to strengthen the relationships in the university. It also raises the spirit of academics and research as individuals are able to grasp at the latest ideas and concepts. By holding this event we have hopes to let the students have a better understanding of the media, editing, reporting and basically what carries on to make the news a reality.”

General Coordinator, Jing-yi Yang, stated, “The photographer basically creates the pathway that the story takes and illustrates the thoughts of the reporter. Editing and interviewing is really strenuous but necessary pieces in order to bring the whole story to life. Altogether the news team is one coordinated attack of information!” The Tamkang Times news exhibition displayed different themes that explain the process of the Tamkang Times development: History, Specialty Writing Concepts and Objectives, Pictures and Illustrations, Reporter Interviews, Interaction with the Audience, News Outside of TKU, Visual and Audio Display, and the Rest Area.