NO. 983

TKU Members Nominated for Legislators-at-large

【Yu-xuan Zhou, Tamsui Campus Report】The KMT (Chinese Nationalist Party) has announced the name list of legislators-at-large positions on Nov. 20. Tamkang University’s Dean of the Office of Student Affairs, Chih-en Ko, has been nominated as a representative of education and is ranked 2nd. Currently Chih-en Ko is both a professor and research specialist who has also been awarded the Golden Bell Award. Her father is Mayor of Ping Dong County and has made great contributions to Taiwan.

In addition, TKU alumni of the Department of Architecture, Ying-chun Hsieh, was nominated by Green Party Taiwan for a legislators-at-large position. He expressed idea, “It’s key to use the power of the people to resolve issues.” Ying-chun Hsieh was awarded the 26th Golden Eagle Award in 2011, the Curry Stone designer’s award and is a very accomplished architect.

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