NO. 999

Around the World Exchanges

【Yu-xun Zhou, Tamkang Campus Report】 From Apr. 4-6 Dean of the College of International Studies, Kao-cheng Wang, brought a group of 6 students for an exchange to sister school in South Korea, Kyungnam University. During the meeting they discussed issues of national security in Asia related to the Korean peninsula. Chinese ambassador of South Korea, especially invited TKU to have an exchange of ideas for the purposes of positive development. The South Korean educators expressed their concerns for the North Korean leadership while analyzing relations of America, Korea and China. Kao-cheng Wang expressed, “This exchange is very beneficial as it allows students to get a close look of the happenings in Korea.”

Youth Leadership Workshop

【Yu-xun Zhou, Tamkang Campus Report】From Apr. 9-12 the Graduate Institute of China Studies held the “5th Annual Cross Strait Youth Leadership Workshop,” inviting young scholars to explore leadership roles in society and culture. 60 excellent students were selected from the 300 applicants. In attendance to give lectures and guidance were Taipei City Government Spokesperson, Sidney Lin, Former Spokesperson of the KMT Party, Wei-chung Yang and Chief Executive of Intelligent Trade, Yao-nan Hong. Director of the Institute of China Studies, Wu-ueh Chang, expressed, “This workshop gathers scholars of the new generation and allows them to discuss many relevant issues while receiving effective training and instruction.”

Biology Exchange for Observation Week

【Li-kun Zhang, Tamsui Campus Report】Last week during Academic Observation Week, members of the Department of Biology travelled overseas for an academic exchange. Professor and director of the department, Chao-hung Du, took two graduate students to participate in the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO) in Australia. Chao-hung Du expressed, “In every graduate level exchange we really obtain a harvest of great knowledge. The students of the department have an excellent opportunity to expand their global horizons and better understand research teams of other countries.”

TKU Exchange for Cross Strait Young Scholars

【Yi-ding Li, Tamsui Campus Report】A master’s student and a doctoral student of the Graduate Institute of the Americas travelled to Nan Ning, China on Mar. 31 to participate in the “2016 Cross Strait Young Scholars Forum.” The forum emphasized the future development of the Cross Straits, allowing students of both sides to engage in meaningful discussion. Doctoral student of the Graduate Institute of the Americas, Yi-fan Chen, expressed, “This activity gave me a better understanding of the scholars in China and also the vast differences in how we feel about government.”

Forum to Raise Competitive Ability

【Wan-xun Qin, Tamsui Campus Report】On Mar. 3 the Professors of the Department of International Business, Kun-shan Wu, Yueh-hua Lee, Hui-chiung Lo and Professor of the Department of Accounting, Bao-guang Chang, participated in the “2016 Raising Competitive Ability, Mobility, Internet Relations and Innovation Forum. Yueh-hua Lee expressed, “I felt a lot of stress about this forum because everyone handed out excellent dissertations that were tightly related to current times.” Yet, he stated that he felt Taiwanese students were not behind in any sense.”

Murakamiharuki Studies in China

【Hui-ping Liu, Tamsui Campus Report】From Apr. 6-8 Director of the Center for Murakamiharuki Studies (CMSTKU), Chiu-kuei Tseng, lead a team of 3 professors to Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) and Fudan University in Shanghai for a visit to understand the different points of view concerning Murakamiharuki studies. On Apr. 6 the Department of Japanese of BFSU held lectures related to Japanese literature and on Apr. 8 at Fudan University there was an open table discussion. Chiu-kuei Tseng expressed, “This visit let us discover a lot of vast differences between the ideas of the Cross-Straits. I hope that in the future we will be able to hold discussions about more than just Japanese literature, but also of society, economics and other useful concepts.”