NO. 999

2016 Forum for European Trade

【Nian-qi Zhang, Tamsui Campus Report】Tamkang University’s Center for European Union Studies was awarded the Jean Monnet Program Subsidies and the ceremony is set to take place on April 22nd (Friday) at 9:20am on Taipei Campus for the 2016 European Union Trade Policy Forum. The forum will consist of professional lectures, a round table discussion, dissertations, leaders of European diplomatic affairs and discussions of expertise. Director of the European Economic and Trade Office, Madeleine Majorenko, has been especially invited to speak on the future plan of European trade policies.

This forum was hosted by the Director of the Center for European Union Studies, Li-chuan Che and a special discussion was held by Deputy Secretary of National Security, Da-nien Liu. Director of Japan’s European Union Studies Institute discussed the effects and tendencies of European Union Trade in Japan. Dissertations related to resolving issues of the WTO were handed out while Spanish scholar and borough member of the European Union, Francisco Gomez Martos, held a focused discussion.