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Improving Young Student Mobility

【Chang-yu Chen, Zhao-yu Chen, Tamsui Campus Report】On Apr.12 a teacher workshop was held in the Chueh-sheng International Conference Hall for the promotion of the Ministry of Education’s “Improving Young Student Mobility Plan.” The plan is set to take place from 2016-2019 and will be executed by the College of Education for the purpose of improving student global perception in terms of communication skills, adaptability, professional skills and practical application.

Dean of the College of Education and project planner, Dian-fu Chang, expressed, “All around the world, enrollment numbers of international students is rising. However, beginning from 2009, Taiwan hasn’t seen any significant growth in terms of students studying abroad. Every year the Ministry of Education provides funding related to international study and through a unified effort, there is sure to be positive results.”

Dian-fu Chang hosted the event that consisted of around 60 professors, members of the Ministry of Education and persons related to international affairs of various junior colleges. President Flora Chia-I Chang expressed, “It’s a great honor to be part of this plan to promote student mobility and allow them more opportunities to study abroad.” Vice President of International Affairs, Wan-chin Tai, expressed, “I’m grateful to be working with so many enthusiastic and talented members of other schools. I’m sure we will have a fruitful return.”

The Improving Young Student Mobility Plan will include a total of 15 workshops that will take place in the northern, middle, southern and eastern regions of Taiwan. The workshops consist of teacher training and the first of these events took place on Apr. 12 in the Chueh-sheng International Conference Hall. The second part of the plan, scheduled for the beginning of Nov., is an achievement exhibition that will include descriptions of successful projects, achievement displays and a short film activity.

During the first workshop, Director of the Department of Diplomacy and International Relations, Chin-mo Cheng, expressed, “Global Mobility has become an important criteria for the future of education in higher learning all over the globe. In addition to broadening the perspective of students, it also improves foreign language skills, strengthens international competitive ability and plays an important role with people of the community.”

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