NO. 1001

Delegation of 8 Travels to Japan to Strengthen Ties

【Li-yuan Wang, Tamsui Campus Report】In order to further the promotion of an internationally-oriented academic institution, Dean of the College of International Studies, Kao-cheng Wang, lead a delegation of 7 members of the college to visit sister schools in Japan from Apr. 17-20. Kao-cheng Wang expressed, “The purpose of this trip was not only to strengthen relations with our partner universities in Japan through an exchange between scholars, but to also deepen the political relationship of Taiwan and Japan. The harvest of this exchange of ideas and concepts of policy can be shared with diplomats for their consideration.”

The TKU delegation met with sister university, Doshisha Law School, to attend the Asian National Security conference. They also attended a conference regarding the issues of the Asian political front at Waseda University. Kao-cheng Wang stated that the trip gave them a much more in depth understanding of the policies and operations in Japan.