NO. 1001

Accounting Week on Hai Bao Street

【Huan Du, Yao-yuan Wu, Yun-jun Luo, Tamsui Campus Report】From Apr. 25-29th it was Accounting Week and 6 departments of the College of Foreign Languages and Literature gathered at Hai Bao street for an academic exhibit. The exhibit was called the “Grandpa Josh Effect” and consisted of information pertaining to courses, careers and licenses. Representatives also attended from Fubon, Nanshan and Concord Futures Corp. to give professional lectures and information on upcoming financial events.

Many exciting sounds aired throughout the area as a raffle was held while participants enjoyed delicious food and music. Second-year student of Finance and the department student association president, Qiu-chi Xiong expressed, “My goal for this event was to help people have a better understanding of the market place through exploring the careers, regulations and development.” Second-year student of Educational Science, Xin-ting Fan, stated, “After playing the interactive games, I really got a lot of information. Not to mention the lecture was very enlightening and even gave me a better understanding on how to plan things for my day-to-day life.”

At the official opening, Dean of the College of Foreign Languages and Literature, Hsiao-chuan Chen, gave a few words to show his support. Event Organizer and second-year student of the Department of French, Hao-zhe Huang, used English to give an introduction of the college’s departments while speaking on their unique qualities. Treats included home-made goodies, cookies, brownies and German sausages.