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Sophomore, Junior and Research Student Representative Forum

【Yi-xuan Lin, Tamsui Campus Report】The Office of Student Affairs’ Guidance Section held the “Sophomore Junior and Research Student Representative Forum” in the Chueh-sheng International Conference Hall on Apr. 28. The event was lead by Vice President of Academic Affairs, Huan-chao Keh, Vice President of Administration, Yi-jen Hu, Vice President of International Affairs, Wan-chin Tai and other related professors, totalling to 150 participants. Lanyang Campus attended via video conference.

Huan-chao Keh, expressed, “All of the student representatives are responsible for bringing forth the opinions of the students according to their specific department. Also it’s important to relay information related to any policies or changes back to the students of your representation.” During the forum, Dean of Financial Affairs, Jui-chih Chen, gave a report of adjustments made regarding academic miscellaneous fees. She expressed, “This school been awarded the title of the favorite university graduates for employment for 19 years in a row. Along with that comes a lot of attention and in order to continue to raise the quality of our university, academic fees are continually being adjusted. However these changes will not take effect on students currently attending Tamkang University.”

The student representatives then put forth their issues concerning course curriculum, class registration and student rights. The university officials took note of each issue while explaining policies and regulations. The officials also informed the student representatives of new facilities and renovations taking place on campus.

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