NO. 1002

Gerard Hei Speaks on the Golden Rule

Gerard Hei, President of Dale Carnegie Training, obtained his bachelors in Economics from the University California, Berkeley, and his masters from Yale University. He now uses his expertise in leading and communication to teach others the importance of teamwork. His latest lecture and workshop titled, “The Golden Rule,” emphasizes methods of guidance and instruction. The event attracted 560 workers and members of the academic community.

He began by explaining the impact that teamwork and unity have by relating it to a story about a tree-cutting competition. He expressed, “The point of the story is related to grinding the axe to have effective progress. This workshop is much like grinding the axe and it will prove to make us more effective at our work.” He then explained, “With limited time in resources in our day and age, it is not only important to work hard, but we must also work smart to deal with challenges.”

He mentioned that when we are faced with a task, we must first deal with our attitude. “Denial, shock, anger, frustration and helplessness lie at the beginning of every challenge.” He stated. “But all of these feelings can be turned into success once we have completely accepted the task in our mind. If we only believe partially that the task can be done, we are doomed for failure. Success is not something that happens from the beginning. It is a transition of the mind that forms it.”