NO. 1002

TKU Wins Big in National Junior College Sports Competition

【Wan-xuan Qin, Shao-qi Zhang, Tamsui Campus Report】The 2015-16 National Junior College Sports Competition closing ceremony took place on May 4. Tamkang University was awarded 6 gold, 7 silver and 11 bronze medals, being ranked at 13th place in the overall competition. Excluding colleges specializing in physical education, TKU would be ranked in 5th place. Director of the Office of Physical Education, Shu-feng Hsiao, expressed, “It takes commitment to be fit! Currently this sports meet contains 14 events and it’s my hope that our educational program would make all 26,000 students of TKU excellent contenders. I’m so grateful to all of the teams for their contribution.“

The fencing team received 5 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 5 bronze medals. The event was divided into divisions of males, females as well as male and female team divisions. The returning champion, student of the Department of Civil Engineering, Jin-heng Jiang, once again won this year’s competition. He mentioned that he was under a lot of pressure, but the coach continued to encourage him and keep him focused, helping him win two personal gold medals in the end. Second-year master’s student of the Department of Math, Ying-zhen Li, was the silver medalist in her fencing division. She expressed, “It was very exciting watching my brothers and sisters work hard and do their best.”

Gold medalist in the Karate competition was student of the Department of Industrial Economics, Jian-yuan Huang. He had already begun his training in Karate when he was in junior high school. After he came to TKU, he renewed his training and this was his first time competing in a big competition. He stated, “I’m grateful to my parents for their support and coaches for all their care. This is a great honor.”