NO. 1002

French Ambassador Speaks on Promoting Taiwan’s Culture

On May 4 the International Ambassadors Group invited former French Ambassador, Michel Ching-long Lu, to give a lecture: “Leaving Taiwan to Obtain an International View - Marketing the Art and Heritage of Taiwan.” The lecture attracted 120 listeners. Michel Ching-long Lu, expressed, “When I was in France, attending the Oscar Film Awards, I used French to perform a traditional Taiwanese puppet show.” He mentioned that he used a humorous performance while singing traditional Taiwanese songs to win an enthusiastic applause from the French audience. Third-year student of the Department of Information and Communication, En-jing Zhang, expressed, “It’s a great honor to have been able to attend this lecture. In order to reward the contributions of Michel Ching-long Lu, France named a street after him.”

(Article written by Yi-fei Zhou)