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Learning City Launched, TKU Assisted in Developing Street Metaverse

On November 27, New Taipei City Government held “New Taipei Learning City Xmas Party” at New Taipei City Plaza. New Taipei City “Learning City Project” and the results of various bureaus and offices promoting lifelong learning were presented, including 4 learning-city-themed scavenger hunts, grand expo with 11 lifelong learning institutions stands and multiple arts exhibition and performances. On behalf of TKU, Vice President for Academic Affairs Hui-Huang Hsu, Professor Rui-Mao Huang from Department of Architecture, Assistant Professor Yu-Pei Ma from Department of Mass Communication, Lecturer Wei-Hsing Chen from Department of Education and Futures Design attended the launching ceremony. You-Yi Hou, Mayor of New Taipei City awarded Certificate of Appreciation to each participating institution. Yu-Pei Ma was awarded, representing TKU.

Hui-Huang Hsu stated that TKU faculty led students to improve their practical ability apart from service in the collaboration with local business, which meant not only the connection between university and community, but also the contribution of TKU faculty and students for the business world in USR practice. Rui-Mao Huang explained that affected by the pandemic, it was hard for Tamsui shopping district to reply on traditional operation mode to make ends meet. They hope to improve the status quo through Learning City Project, so they invited the faculty and students from Departments of Mass Communication, Education and Futures Design, and Architecture to provide a series of digital and media story marketing classes. Step by step, the faculty and students provide direct support to individual merchant according to their needs, hoping the merchant to entitle meanings to their products and build multiple sales environment combining physical and virtual.

Yu-Pei Ma supplemented that the project was expected to help merchants to develop a virtual shopping mode called “Tamsui Street Metaverse”. Currently, the project has already helped 10 merchants with webpage design and the shooting of video story, including a 360-degree video for Ti Hu Master (醍醐大師). They will continue to finish the rest of the project.

SDGs: #SDG4 Quality Education #SDG9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure #SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities #SDG17 Partnerships for the Goals

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