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187th Administrative Meeting, President Keh Expects Strengthening Sustainability and Progressing Unceasingly

The 187th Administrative Meeting was held at Ching-Sheng International Conference Hall on November 25th. President Huan-Chao Keh hosted the meeting, while 3 Vice Presidents, first-level supervisors, and Chief Secretary of Board of Trustees were at present. Taipei Campus and Lanyang Campus attended via synchronous online video. President Keh mentioned AI+SDGs=∞, TKU’s development vision. Currently, TKU is in a leading role of AI development among universities in Taiwan, and should keep it, while in SDGs, there’s still space to progress, which need Center for Sustainable Development and Social Innovation to plan and execute more proactively; the quality of ∞ for university is to make the university better through continuous progress. He hopes that everyone will strive together toward this goal.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Hui-Huang Hsu delivered a special report on “Becoming the Influencer of TKU Achieving the Goal of Sustainable Development”. He introduced the organization of Center for Sustainable Development and Social Innovation, task allocation, including “e Sustainable Education”, “E Net Zero Carbon Emissions”, “S Social Practice”, “G Resilience Governance”, and the promotion of related affairs, as well as the budget and related plan of 2023. He finally wished that Center for Sustainable Development and Social Innovation could become the influencer of TKU achieving the goal of sustainable development, and invite faculty, staff and students to participate in the practice to make USR and sustainable development a part of the daily life of the school operation.

SDGs: #SDG4 Quality Education #SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

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