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The Graduation Ceremony of Short-Term Courses for Western Sydney University, with Full Harvest of Experiences, Students and Teachers Thank TKU for the Arrangements

The “Australian West Sydney University (WSU) Short-term Course Graduation Ceremony at Tamkang University 2022” was held at Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Center on December 16. Vice President for International Affairs, Hsiao-Chuan Chen, Chair Hsiao-Chung Tsai and Po-Ching Lee of Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering attended and celebrated with WSU faculty and students.

During her speech, Hsiao-Chuan Chen thanked the WSU teachers and students for visiting again three years after the successful summer program in 2019. She believed through the 11 days of visit activities and courses, they have not only expanded their horizons but also gained wonderful memories. She hoped that the knowledge they imparted would be helpful to the students' development. She also wished them all the best for the future. Po-Ching Lee mentioned that through the course, the students learned that "water is everywhere" and that the water industry not only serves an environmental purpose but also represents human innovation. He also expressed his hope to see the students again in the future and wished them a Merry Christmas.

WSU students also shared their experiences and insights from their visit to Taiwan, their thoughts on water resources and other SDGs issues during the course, and the problems they observed and solutions. They also said that they love Taiwan more because of its friendly and warm people. In addition, the team leader, Dr. Robert Salama, praised the students' sharing and thanked TKU for providing such a great learning environment and thoughtful arrangements, which allowed them to have a memorable and enriching experience. The graduation ceremony ended with the presentation of certificates by Hsiao-Chuan Chen, Hsiao-Chung Tsai, and Po-Ching Lee, and the exchange of souvenirs as a symbol of mutual friendship. After that, a banquet was held where everyone watched a photo slideshow of the activities and reminisced about the good memories. They also made plans to see each other again in the future.

SDGs: #SDG4 Quality Education #SDG6 Clean Water and Sanitation #SDG9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure #SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities #SDG17 Partnerships for the Goals

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