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WIN Contemporary Accounting Master’s Thesis Award Seminar, Sponsored by Chin-Tsai Chen. Zhan Yun Received the Best Award

The “WIN Contemporary Accounting Master’s Thesis Award” Seminar 2022, was hosted by the Department of Accounting on Taipei Campus on December 7. It is the largest seminar on Accounting in Taiwan and has the highest prize money for master’s theses. It was fully sponsored by Chin-Tsai Chen, Chairman of WIN Semiconductor Corp. and alumnus of the Department of Accounting. 25 papers were presented by students and teachers from accounting and related departments of universities across the country. Professor Taychang Wang of National Taiwan University was selected as WIN Contemporary Accounting Scholar 2023 in recognition of his outstanding contributions to education and academic research.

The TSSCI-indexed "Journal of Contemporary Accounting", edited by the Department of Accounting at TKU, is one of the important academic journals in the field of accounting in Taiwan. The sponsor, Mr. Chin-Tsai Chen, is also the President of the Tamkang University Worldwide Alumni Association. In his speech, he said, "Accounting is very important for business management. Successful entrepreneurs need to understand accounting. I hope the seminar can become more and more grand and the number of awards for master's theses can be increased."

President Huan-Chao Keh thanked President Chin-Tsai Chen for his generous support for Tamkang and the Department of Accounting. This year, the enrollment rate of the Department of Accounting reached 100%, and in the academic year 2023-2024, one more class will be added, making it the Department of Accounting with the most enrollment quotas in the country. He also hoped that " Journal of Contemporary Accounting " would continue to improve and have a greater influence in the academic community.

Yun Zhan, a master graduate of Department of Accounting of TKU, received Master's Thesis Excellence Award for their thesis "Examining the Existence of Supervisory Functions of Warning and Early Warning in Corporate Governance Evaluation Systems" under the guidance of Professor Yu-Shan Chang and Professor Fan-Hua Kung. Yun Zhan had been a 4+1 program student in the Department of Accounting and is working at Deloitte. Professor Yu-Shan Chang commented that Yun Zhan is a diligent learner, writes meticulously, and constantly revises and adds more analysis to her work, which led to her success in receiving the award.

The publisher of the journal, Professor of the Department of Accounting, Sin-Hui Yen stated that he was grateful for the participation of many professors from domestic and foreign universities in the editing of "Journal of Contemporary Accounting", making it an important research platform in the domestic accounting academic community. In order to encourage master's students in accounting-related departments in domestic colleges and universities, a total of 4 master's thesis awards for outstanding and 8 for excellence were presented this year.

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