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TQM Training, Der-Wen Chang Expects Colleagues to Learn from the Past and Pursue New Knowledge

Total Quality Management training of 2022-2023 academic year was held in Chang Yeo Lan International Conference Hall, Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Center on December 28. Der-Wen Chang, Director of Office of Quality Assurance and Audit, hosted the event, while more than 200 people including secretaries of all units, second-level supervisors of administrative units, and staff were at present.

Der-Wen Chang gave an introduction on “One or Two Things about Total Quality Management (TQM)”, explaining that TQM is part of the organizational culture at TKU, introduced by the Founder Dr. Clement C.P. Chang. The first TQM Workshop was held in 1993 and it has been 30 years since then. The “TQM Results Presentation Conference” will be held on March 17th, 2023, to showcase the achievements of various units in promoting TQM over the past 30 years. Then, he explained the history, achievements, honor and influence of TQM promotion at our school, the TQM House and the 6 spirits and implementation methods, and their relation to sustainable development. He hoped that new colleagues can quickly understand and integrate into it.

In the session of experience sharing of winning teams in the 12th Quality Control Circle (QCC) Competition, the head of the "Unparalleled Circle"(蓋世無雙圈) of the library, Wu Li-Li, Reference and Information Service Section, Chueh Sheng Memorial Library, the head of the "Firefighting Circle"(救火圈) of the Office of Information Services, Tung-Yi Lin, head of the Education Support Section, Office of Information Services, and the head of the "Lanyang Turning Circle" (蘭陽轉圈圈), Secretary of the Lanyang Vice President's Office, Chang-Ta Tsou, shared their QCC promotion and competition process, theme implementation content, and follow-up and competition precautions. It is hoped that all units can use the QCC activities to improve their related businesses. Associate Professor Hui-Chiung Lo of the Department of Business Administration gave a lecture on “QCC Operation Method”, explaining the origin of TQM and QCC, the promotion history and implementation steps of QCC activities at TKU, and finally pointing out that through QCC activities, the quality improvement road will become smoother and it is also possible to include relevant indicators such as AI and ESG."

Min-Fen Tu, Head of Social Practice and Strategy Section, Center for Sustainable Development and Social Innovation, gave a speech on “Enhancing Quality Management through Goal Management: From a Value-Oriented Accountability System” and started with the “Sustainable Report” and “Mid- to Long-Term Benefit Evaluation”, hoping to achieve the goals of “Social Dialogue”, “Impact Assessment”, “International Interconnection”, “Policy Improvement” and “Sustainable Development”. Then, she introduced the framework of benefit evaluation, the 'Social Practice Accountability System', and explained the operation of the 6 modules of “Vision Planning”, “Goal Management”, “Performance Design”, “Practical Action”, “Benefit Evaluation” and “Value Communication”, hoping that everyone can face the challenges of sustainable development together in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) environment. Among them, “Goal Management” can be implemented through the OGSM Strategy Table (Objective, Goal, Strategy, Measure/Dashboard, Measure/Plan). Strengthening the P in PDCA allows every employee in a changing environment to plan and write a plan in one table for later coordination, and strengthens the 'vision' element that is missing in the PDCA cycle. By setting performance indicators between strategy and plan, thoroughly implementing strategy and achieving goals.

Der-Wen Chang reminded in the end that the purpose of holding TQM training is not only to review basic concepts, but also to provide some new concepts and knowledge to help solve problems that may be encountered in current business or promote new tasks. He expected everyone to fully demonstrate the achievements of TQM promotion over the past 30 years and successfully complete various tasks, as well as pass the school affairs evaluation of the next third phase.

SDGs: #SDG4 Quality Education #SDG17 Partnerships for the Goals

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