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Flexible Education System Paves a Broader Path

Students under the 108 Curriculum have started to enroll in universities. In addition to warmly welcoming these new students, our school has also carried out a series of curriculum innovations and educational system design reforms, providing students with more opportunities for autonomous and cross-disciplinary learning. This is to ensure that our future graduates can meet the talent cultivation needs of the post-pandemic new normal.

With the support of the minor program, having a second or third expertise is not a dream.

To encourage students to acquire a second or even third specialty during their academic studies, Tamkang University has implemented the “Minor Program” starting from the 2023 academic year. This program encourages students to obtain a second specialty within the existing 128-credit curriculum, in addition to their major program, to enhance their competitiveness in the future job market. In other words, Tamkang University students have the option to choose a cross-disciplinary specialty in addition to their major and minor programs, and receive guidance from faculty to pursue professional learning across fields. Obtaining a second specialty at Tamkang University has now become more accessible.

For example, the Department of Statistics can offer a "Data Science" minor program design to provide students from other departments who are interested in entering the field of data science with a minor in the subject. Assuming that in the future, students from the College of Foreign Languages and Literatures are interested in data science, they have 3 different options. The first option is to take courses related to data science, the second option is to take a credit-based program related to data science, and starting from the academic year of 2023, students at TKU have a third option, which is to take a minor in data science. Upon completing the requirements of the minor program, the university will provide certification in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education, or add the certification to the student's diploma.

In the future, for students at Tamkang University who want to take data science as their second major, there will be even multiple choices, such as taking a minor in the Department of Statistics, the Department of Information Management, the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, or the Department of Artificial Intelligence. We not only offer the third option, but also provide multiple matching options based on students' own professional backgrounds. Starting from the academic year of 2023, the College of Business and Management will be the first to open the minor program. Each department will have a dedicated teacher to guide students in taking the program. By the latest academic year of 2024, all departments in the university will set up a minor program to provide students with the opportunity to obtain a second specialty in a cross-disciplinary manner. This planning will benefit all students at Tamkang University.

Cross-domain learning, deeper and wider

In addition to the minor program, Tamkang University has invested enormous resources and worked with Microsoft Taiwan and Far EasTone Telecommunications for over two years to integrate cloud resources and communication into its curriculum and administration, making it one of the few pioneers in Taiwan to integrate cloud resources and communication technology with industry partnerships. Our university is committed to promoting the application of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in non-STEM fields, and has planned to establish relevant credit programs to systematically guide students' learning. Together with competency-based curriculum design and a series of innovative and flexible teaching methods, as well as the existing high-quality globalized teaching environment and employment internships, cross-domain learning at Tamkang University can be deeper and wider.

Grand Tamkang rolls out to seas. Our educational philosophy innovates with the times, like a river that never stops flowing. Studying in Tamkang University will make your future life different. Learning AI technology echoes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and moves towards AI+SDGs=∞, an infinite new life.

SDGs: #SDG4 Quality Education #SDG8 Decent Work and Economic Growth #SDG17 Partnerships for the Goals

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