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LIFE IN COLOR: Presenting life Through Art

Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center held the opening ceremony of “LIFE IN COLOR” on February 17. The exhibition is curated by an artist, Pi-Ling Hsu. 3 artists, Stephen Peng, Pi-Ling Hsu, and Yih-Cheng Chiang, incorporated their unique and rich life experiences into their art, exhibiting over 40 pieces of art works including watercolor, pastel, oil painting, acrylic, canvas, and various mixed media. Chairperson of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, Chairperson of Taiwan Art Creation Culture Foundation, Yung-Ping Lee, President of Linkou Kiwanis Club, Dr. Tien-Rein Lee, Vice Chairperson of Jet-Go Consulting Group, Mei-Hui Chang, and over 60 people attended the ceremony.

Pi-Ling Hsu stated that the role of art is also to achieve spiritual satisfaction. This is not only an exhibition, but also an interaction with the audience. She also specifically explained that she used her daily life experiences as inspiration for her creations and presented them in different ways. She also introduced the Heart Sutra, which she created using the paper-cutting technique of pictographic characters. Stephen Peng shared his personal perspective on how to appreciate abstract paintings, saying “Abstract paintings are like clothes. As long as you like the clothing, you will buy and wear it. You don’t have to worry about understanding it or not, just knowing whether you like it or not is enough.”

Ben-Hang Chang, Director of Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, introduced that the theme of this exhibition revolves around “color”, with the hope of bringing different feelings to everyone. Chairperson Chang strengthened that our school places great emphasis on cultivating student’ aesthetic literacy. Therefore, even though we do not have any art-related departments, we established this center in 2000 and hold exhibitions regularly. “Whenever I have the time, I try to come and watch every exhibition. It’s even better if I have the opportunity to hear the artist’s own creative ideas and explanations because that’s the biggest reward of attending an exhibition.”

Yung-Hui Tsai, a freshman from Department of Information and Communication, shared that she naturally loves bright colors, and the works exhibited this time gave her a lively feeling. Yi-Ru Wei, a senior from Department of Japanese said that seeing bright colors makes her feel happy. She can’t help but wants to understand what artists were thinking when they created such works in order to present such pieces. “LIFE IN COLOR” exhibition will last until March 29, open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and February 27-28. For February 18 the make-up day and the Spring Feast on March 18, the exhibition will be open.

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