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GVM & Cheers: Corporate Favorite, TKU Returned to the Top of Both Private Rankings

TKU recently ranked No. 1 in the private university category of the “2023 Corporate Favorite College Graduate Rankings” published by both Global View Monthly (GVM) and Cheers magazines. This is a return to the top of both rankings since 2020, which has greatly inspired our faculty, staff, students and alumni.

According to the “2023 Corporate Favorite College Graduate Rankings” announced by GVM magazine on February 20, our school ranked 9th in the overall rankings and was the top-ranked private university. After a 2-year absence, we have returned to the top among private universities. At the same time, in the February issue of Cheers magazine, our school continues to hold the title of top-ranked private university, a record we have held for 26 years.

President Huan-Chao Keh stated that our school’s performance has been recognized by the GVM and Cheers magazines’ favorite graduate survey. He said that TKU’s efforts have been fully reflected in the performance of graduates in the workplace, which is indeed gratifying. In fact, our school has also made significant progress in the 3 world university rankings of QS, THE, and US News & Report this year, demonstrating excellent performance. Tamkang will strive towards the goal of “AI + SDGs =∞” as the guiding principle of our management, using “dual-track transformation, digital transformation, sustainable development, and resilient governance” as strategic tools, implementing the educational concept of globalization, information-oriented education, and future-oriented education, and continuously providing students with excellent learning environments while striving to create unique features and strengthen teaching innovation.

Apart from the overall rankings, the “Disciplinary Ranking” of the GVM is divided into 3 categories: humanities and commerce, science and engineering, and livelihood, based on the “disciplinary category”, with a total of 9 sub-rankings, selecting the top 5. Our university ranked 5th in both “Social and Humanities” and “Business Management”, indicating the soft power of our alumni in their respective fields. From the perspective of “Industrial Performance” rankings, our university’s alumni ranked 3rd and 7th in the financial services and traditional manufacturing industries among all 3 industries, respectively, both of which are leading private schools. In Cheers magazine’s “Top 5 Industries’ Favorite” rankings, our university ranked 5th in the financial industry this year, and 12% of respondents rated our graduates’ job performance as exceeding expectations, ranking 10th nationwide in this category, making us the only private university on the list.

In a report by GVM magazine, it was mentioned that “the reputation, school culture, and even the temperament and attitude of alumni from the graduate’s alma mater have become increasingly important indicators for companies when selecting candidates.” In the workplace, including work attitude, team cooperation, and leadership, are also highly valued by employers. Especially for Tamkang, graduates have outstanding performance in the finance industry, ranking highly on both lists, and business management graduates are ranked 5th in the field of study by GVM magazine, demonstrating exceptional performance in this area. As a comprehensive university with a 72-year history and nearly 300,000 alumni, the impact of alumni’s performance in corporate recruitment cannot be underestimated.

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