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TKU Plans to Implement Interdisciplinary Specialized Courses Starting from 2023 Academic Year

The academic affairs meeting for the second semester of the 2022 academic year was held on May 12th in Ching-Sheng International Conference Hall. The meeting was chaired by the Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Tzung-Ru Tsai, and attended by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Hui-Huang Hsu, the Vice President for Administration Affairs, Dr. Chun-Hung Lin, the Vice President for International Affairs, Hsiao-Chuan Chen, the deans of all colleges, relevant first-level supervisors from administrative units, chairs of departments, and representatives of faculty members and students. The meeting was conducted via simultaneous video conferencing with the Taipei campus.

The meeting began with Dr. Hsu presenting the certificate for the "Outstanding General Education Teacher of the 2021 Academic Year" to Assistant Professor Mateus Lee from the Department of Diplomacy and International Relations. He was recognized for his course "Economic Globalization," which effectively utilized group teaching methods to cultivate collaborative experiences among students from different majors. The course combines current affairs and analysis of diverse industries to develop students' abilities in information collection, analysis, and predictive planning. This aligns with the three concepts of "Globalization, Information-oriented Education, and Future -oriented Education," making it an excellent demonstration of teaching in general education courses.

A total of 75 proposals were approved in this meeting. Among them, Article 47 of the “TKU Study Regulations” regarding the conditions of early graduation was proposed to be relaxed by eliminating the requirement for semester grade average. The "Implementation Guidelines for Tamkang University's Interdisciplinary Specialized Courses" have been established to cultivate students' diverse and interdisciplinary abilities, enhance their employability, and implement flexible and cross-disciplinary courses. The aim is to provide a more dynamic way of learning, promote students' autonomous interdisciplinary learning, and allow them to graduate with two or more interdisciplinary specializations. An amendment to Article 5 of the "TKU Regulations on the Examination Process for Graduate Degrees" is proposed, which states that graduate students should complete the originality check using an online detection system for their thesis prior to submitting it for the degree examination. They should also provide the comparison report, confirmed with the signature of the advisor, when applying for the degree examination. The electronic file of the comparison report should be kept by the respective college for ten years. The "TKU Implementation Guidelines for Autonomous Learning Courses" have been formulated to assist students in developing autonomy, initiative, and independent thinking skills within the curriculum. This enables effective learning of knowledge and skills, establishes good learning habits through self-directed learning practices, and lays a foundation for future employment and lifelong learning. The President of TKU Student Association, Ting-Wei Su, raised a question regarding the applicability of the " TKU Implementation Guidelines for Autonomous Learning Courses " to the undergraduate English-taught programs. The Dean of Academic Affairs provided a response to the inquiry.

In terms of credit programs, the College of Liberal Arts plans to inject new thinking into the humanities field and enhance students' competitiveness in the era of artificial intelligence. Therefore, starting from the 2023 academic year, the "Cultural and Creative Industries Credit Program" will be renamed as the "Smart Humanities Practical Innovation Credit Program" and undergo curriculum adjustments. College of Business and Management intends to establish two new credit programs: the "Tamkang University Data Science Credit Program" and the "Tamkang University Cathay Life Insurance Employment Credit Program" beginning from the 2023 academic year. Additionally, the College of International Affairs plans to establish the "Credit Program for Employment in the Tourism Industry, Department of International Tourism Management, Tamkang University”. Regarding dual-degree programs, the College of Business and Management has renewed its 1+1 dual-degree agreement with the University of Queensland in Australia. The Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering has signed a master's dual-degree agreement with the University of Queensland. The Department of Economics intends to sign an academic exchange memorandum of understanding (MOU) and a dual-master's degree agreement with the IIC University of Technology in Cambodia.

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