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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2023: Creatively Embodies AI+SDGs=∞

The final and award ceremony of Tamkang University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2023 was held on May 15th at Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Center. 13 teams from the Innovation category and 10 teams from the Entrepreneurship category competed in the presentation and Q&A session based on their project themes. After a series of exciting presentations, the judging panel announced the results. In the Innovation category, the "Singing, Dancing, Lightning Squad"(唱跳霹靂戰隊) emerged as the champion, while "Sustainable Empowerment" (永續賦新) and "Birds Leaving the Nest and Soaring High" (雛鳥離巢高高飛) secured the second and third places respectively. In the Entrepreneurship category, "Bird Sight," "EntRepreneur," and "Eagle Wealth" (鴿鷲財) claimed the top 3 spots. Apart from receiving cash prizes and certificates, the winners will also receive guidance from the Office of Research and Development for participation in or application to relevant government competitions and projects.

A total of 41 teams registered for the competition. After two months of training courses to assist in developing concrete creative ideas and presentation skills, the preliminary selection was conducted on May 8th. 13 teams from the Innovation category and 10 teams from the Entrepreneurship category were selected to advance to the final round.

The Dean of Research and Development, Dr. Hung-Chung Hsueh, expressed the hope that through the competition, students can experience the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, broaden their horizons through experience, and apply it to their entrepreneurial careers after graduation. Dr. Rui-Mao Huang, chief of the Social Practice and Strategy Group of Center for Sustainable Development and Social Innovation, explained that with the widespread development of technology, it is easier to apply it to innovation and entrepreneurship. Additionally, the challenges of social transformation are significant, and it is crucial to integrate problems with solutions, which is an important issue to address.

The theme of this competition is "Innovating Value with AI, Accelerating Sustainable Entrepreneurship." Many of the finalist teams have based their ideas on this theme. For example, the " Singing, Dancing, Lightning Squad" came up with the concept of "Virtual Reality Music Creation,"(虛擬實境MVR音樂創作) which uses VR to create immersive environments, incorporates the concept of the metaverse, and integrates AI to expand the space. "Sustainability Empowerment" designed the "Sustainable Daily Life App"(永續日常APP) to help users record their sustainable actions and promote them to others, encouraging collective sustainability efforts. "Bird Sight" proposed the "Shared Aerial Drone"(共享空拍機) service through an app, allowing people to easily rent drones and explore beautiful landscapes. "EntRepreneur" developed the "Never-Retire Platform,"(老不休平台) which aims to establish a part-time job platform for retired seniors while also tracking their lifestyle and health conditions.

The judges praised the excellent performance of the competition teams and commended their innovative perspectives. They particularly appreciated the interdisciplinary collaboration among team members. However, there are areas that need improvement, including the need for clear definition of products and services, the importance of validating demand and market planning in terms of relevant business logic, and the careful selection of analytical tools. Additionally, it was emphasized that "startup industry ≠ occupation," but rather an integration of industry value. The judges hope that the participating teams will learn from the experience and become the nourishment for successful innovation and entrepreneurship in the future.

The members of the first-place team in the Innovation category, Yao-Ting Sun, Yu-Chen Chang, Jia-Han Lee, Hsuan Ming Liu, Pin-Yu Shih, and Tzu-Jie Ning, juniors from the Department of Information Management, expressed their surprise and delight at winning the championship. They mentioned that they will use this project as the foundation for their graduation thesis and aim to improve it further. The members of the first-place team in the Entrepreneurship category, Hsiao-Yi Yeh, a junior from the Department of Information Management, and Yu-Chia Hsu, a junior from the Department of International Business, thanked the alumni team members who were unable to attend the event for the collaborative effort across disciplines that allowed them to realize a shared dream in its initial stages. They expressed their determination to continue working hard and moving towards their goals.

SDGs: #SDG3 Good Health and Well-Being #SDG4 Quality Education #SDG9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure #SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities #SDG17 Partnerships for the Goals

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