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Enterprise’s Favorite College Graduates - Our University Double Crowned Among Private Universities

"CHEERS" Corporate’s Favorite - Ranked the No. 1 Private University for the 23rd time with 8 Championship Categories

The results of the 2020 “Cheers” Magazine's 24th "Enterprise’s Favorite College Graduates" survey were released in February, and NCKU ranked fourth in the overall ranking. Our University continued to show a highly balanced performance and ranked 10th nationwide and 23rd among private universities. Under the evaluation of the 9 major capability indicators, our University ranked no.1 for these 8 categories: "Technical & Professional Knowledge", "Innovation Capacity", "Learning Will, Plasticity", "Problem Solving Ability", "Digital Application Ability", "Stress Resistance", "Teamwork", and "Integration Capability", and the 3rd place for "Global Vision and Foreign Language Ability"; and within the "Industry’s Favorite Ranking", we won 3rd place for “General Service Industry”, and the 4th place in "Financial Industry".

This survey was conducted on the human resources managers of the Top 2000 Enterprises in the Cheers Business Magazine of 2019. The survey period is from November 11th, 2019 to December 4th, 2019. A total of 2303 questionnaires were sent, and 950 valid questionnaires were attained. The survey return rate is 41.25%. The survey indicates that when companies employ university graduates, they emphasize on personal traits with “the strong will for learning and plasticity", “ability to work under pressure and stability”, followed by “technical & professional knowledge”; and the “interview performances", "corporate internship experiences" and "cross-disciplinary expertise " are the conditions that companies focus on when recruiting. In the era of cross-department collaboration and global mobility, enterprises also recommend that college students should cultivate abilities such as " adaptability to changes and problem-solving skills", "interpersonal communication skills" and "foreign language ability" etc.

The Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Tung-Wen Cheng stated in an interview that the school adopts the "Three Circles Curricula" design, which allows professional, general education, and extracurricular activities to be linked to one another. In recent years, the University has promoted the "integrated curriculum" and encouraged students to assimilate their four years of learning and propose solutions to practical problems. The University now requires all students to take on mandatory club activities, and cultivate students' interpersonal communication skills, stress resistance, and adaptability to changes.

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